Hurricane Marie spins in the Pacific, beyond our sight.

Surfers came to experience the giant waves spun by the hurricane and I did, too, but only from the shore. Instead of a surfboard, I brought a point-and-shoot camera and my iPhone.

I watched men fling themselves into the sea, bob in the distance and then saw a few limp out of the surf, stretching shoulders and bending over to cough out sea water.
The waves in Carlsbad weren’t even as big as the ones farther up the coast.
I found an abandoned pond earlier beach-goers had dug, perfect for perching and watching the foamy waves. And then the foam turned aggressive and not only filled the trough but also splashed me and chased me from my spot.
I lingered long after the sun slid down the sky, noticing the slimmest sliver of moon hanging in the sky above the waves.  You’ll have to trust me on that since it was impossible to really capture it with my inadequate cameras.

And now back to our regularly scheduled lives.

2 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Spent this last week at Cannon Beach – your pictures remind me how much I could have stayed forever. I am so glad you are able to visit frequently – I can tell you love being there. Thanks for sharing Mel. Diane


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