Sunset (minus the sun)


I pulled over on my street and took this photo this morning. Later this afternoon, we spied this message left in the sky.

Finally, we headed to the beach–my son, his girlfriend and my daughter.

Alas, a thick bank of fog hovered along the edge of the beach, obliterating the sun.

One of these days, I’ll be at the beach at sunset again and with any luck, the clouds will not be there, although they did add a certain mystery tonight.
Maybe next time. (She’s just mad that she put on sunscreen for no reason.)

3 thoughts on “Sunset (minus the sun)

  1. as always, your photos are outstanding. Plus, they say a person can burn even on cloudy days, so all was not lost.

    Love the colors – the flowers – am so jealous – it is so cold and rainy here.


  2. Here in Ohio, it has been always winter and never Christmas for ten years now. We would think we had died and gone to heaven to lie on that cloudy beach. Heaven.


  3. Hi Mel,
    Love the pictures – the flowers are beautiful. How far away from the beach do you live? I so love the sound of the ocean and walking just on the edge of the tide. Thank you for sharing. Diane


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