“Hungry. Need Help. Will work for food.”

My name is Lola and I'm waiting for my mom to get home.
My name is Lola and I’m waiting for my mom to get home.
My name is Lola and I’m waiting for my mom to get home.

My friend, Alisa, suggested that maybe I could write a book about this dog.  It would be called The Money Pit Dog because, oh my.  She’s limping and the veterinarian mentioned scary words to me today like “surgery” and “money” and “let me check the cost of that.”

(Did I tell you about that incident when Lola the Dog was a year old and ate a bottle of ibuprofen?  That stuff will kill a dog unless you hand over a bucket of gold to the Animal Hospital.)

So now Lola the Dog is limping and has been for quite a few weeks now.  Sometimes she seems better and then, inexplicably worse.  There is no rhyme or reason, only worry.

So we’re going to start her on anti-inflammatory medicine and then, if she’s not better, she’ll have x-rays and I refuse to think about what might happen after that except that if you see a middle-aged woman with a beautiful dog on the street corner holding a sign that says, “HELP!  MY DOG NEEDS SURGERY!” you’ll know it’s me.

That reminds me.  My kids and I once had a contest while we drove around in our mini-van.  We tried to come up with the best slogan to put on a cardboard sign for begging purposes.  (There are a lot of people on street corners around here who beg.  Is it just here?  Because our weather is so nice?  Or are these people everywhere now?)

Some suggested slogans for signs:

“Sick baby.  Homeless.  Help.”
“Need medicine for Grandma.  Help.”
“Need money to surf.  Help.”  (Okay, just kidding on that one.)

What’s your best slogan for a sign?  Best to be prepared just in case you need to beg someday.


6 thoughts on ““Hungry. Need Help. Will work for food.”

  1. “Grandma needs drugs. Please help.” (sounds good to me – only one of the kids would need to hold the sign. they would do that to help an old lady like me, right?) haha


  2. Oh, they are EVERYWHERE. Even here in Michigan. Teams go out on days like this and attempt to round up the homeless.

    My sign would say, “No employable skills”. Of course, I would write it in beautiful calligraphy, not that anyone cares about that anymore.


  3. I hope whatever is up with Lola can be easily fixed with something simple (like coconut oil or peanut butter). . .I live in fear that we’ll be facing something like that with our cat soon. Maybe I should sign up for pet insurance?

    We have quite a few homeless here and there are ones who hang out regularly in places like the stop light at the end of the off ramp. This guy has a fancy phone and a battered sign that says “HOMELESS VETERAN” and “GOD BLESS”. I always wonder how much of a living he makes. . and why he’s not eligible for services–maybe he is and this just supplements his income but I can think of any number of things that would be more comfortable than standing out in the weather here. . .


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