Nothing, followed by nothing

I really just want to go to bed but I feel obligated to write something here.

I thought about finding one of those fill-in-the-blank end of the year summary things.  Have you seen them?  But now I can’t even find one, let alone fill one out.

I thought about talking about my day but the most exciting thing I did was wash a million dishes and walk 10,000 steps.  (I have a broken dishwasher that an actual repairman told me it was pointless to have repaired since a new one will cost less than the repair would cost.  And I have a new Fitbit Flex, a pedometer that’s worn on the wrist like a watch.  It tracks my sleep and my steps and for all I know, my IQ points and how often I trade them in for something shiny.)

It pretty much comes down to talking about the weather but if you live anywhere but here, you probably don’t want to hear about 70 degrees and sunshine.  The only downside of being here now is that the sun sets so early that it’s tough to get to the beach at 4:45 PM to see it.  I know.  Who wants to hear about sandy beaches when your world is blanketed with snow?

Snow is pretty and there’s a part of me that remembers fondly the coziness of being inside while a storm ranged outside when we lived in northern Michigan.  But that part of me also got really sick of six months of snow-covered ground.

So, basically here’s how my day went:

1)  Wake up at 8 or 8:30 AM.  Doze until 9 AM.
2)  Shower and get to work (downstairs, while wearing slippers).
3)  Work until 3 PM, stopping only to pick up son from his job.
4)  Wash dishes while watching The People’s Court.
5)  Roast and eat cauliflower for dinner.  (My husband bought the boys teriyaki but my daughter and I ate cauliflower before soccer practice.)
6)  Take daughter to soccer practice and walk for an hour while she practiced.
7)  Return home.  Nap!
8)  Work.
9)  Wonder why I have nothing to blog about.
10)  The end.

Time to lure the dog upstairs with a bit of cheese and go to bed.

Please tell me I am not the most boring woman in America.

3 thoughts on “Nothing, followed by nothing

  1. No. You are NOT the most boring woman. You have a way with words, and those words make me smile. So carry on.

    And thank you for your posts.


  2. I think that I am the most boring woman in America. Sleep.Shower.Off to work. Home to cook and clean up after the husband and kids Rinse and repeat.


  3. I got a fit bit also and I love it. Now if I could only get it up to 10,000 every day, and I see now why I am so tired all the time, with all the waking up I do. Happy New Year!


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