Good Night Moon

Tonight while driving home, I glimpsed a golden sphere in the distance and thought for a moment that I was looking at a water tower lit completely by Christmas lights.  When I realized I was seeing a giant golden moon, I wanted to find a place to pull over so I could (badly) capture the sight with my iPhone camera, but of course, I was trapped in a line of cars and the next thing I knew, clouds blotted out that moon.

I have become totally enamored by the sun and the moon.  I want to spend every sunset and moonrise on a beach or mountaintop so I can watch them slip up and then down the horizon.  I spent so much of my life in the Pacific Northwest where a ceiling of clouds hides the drama of the sun and moon.  I’m making up for lost time.


So, today I finally wrapped some gifts and made a list (and checked it twice). Only a couple more days of school and we can all take a giant sigh of relief. I can’t wait to have a break from driving kids here, there and everywhere.

I asked my 15-year old what his ideal Christmas Day would look like and his complete answer was this: Coconut Cream Pie.

So, I guess I’ll be making Christmas pie . . . and thus begins a brand new tradition. (I made Coconut Cream Pie for the first time ever for Thanksgiving.)

What does your ideal Christmas Day look like?

2 thoughts on “Good Night Moon

  1. being a Christian, I should focus on the birth of Jesus…and I do but the Christmas of the world brings me to….that darn Santa never comes to see me any more and I am a lot better now as an adult then i ever was as a child! ha ha!!
    i love Coconut Cream Pie!! yummy!!!


  2. The sun and the moon – I am following in your footsteps, perhaps, as I, too, felt the need to pull over and take a picture of the moon (and one very bright star to the left of it) as I drove up the freeway last night. It was SO bright, with just a hint of clouds around it (which I also thought would be awesome looking in my photo) – but alas, by the time I got home, the moon was high in the sky, and I knew my camera would not do it justice. So, I just thanked God for the camera lens he built into my eyes, and let it go at that.

    The other thing that captivates my attention these days, is looking at the clouds. Love, love, love the sky. I rarely see the sunrise, but the rest of it – I love.


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