Friday, Friday

I found myself free of responsibilities for three hours today so I went to a movie.  As you  may or may not know, I like to see the movies nominated for Academy Awards before that awards show.  And this is the time of year when many of those movies are released.

So today I saw Dallas Buyer’s Club because “they” are saying Matthew McConaughey will be nominated for a Best Actor award for his work in that movie.  (He was nominated for a Golden Globe.)  I had high hopes for the movie but found it unpleasant, mainly because I couldn’t warm to McConaughey’s character at all.  I found him very unlikeable.  The movie is getting great reviews, though.  I wouldn’t recommend it, but that’s just me.

The theater was mostly empty for the 11:05 AM show.  I had picked out a seat in the center and shortly before the movie started an older gentleman came in and sat just one seat away from me, violating all the personal space rules that have ever been created and observed by humankind since the beginning of time.  Weird.

After the movie, I had forty-five minutes before my son needed to be picked up from work so I very optimistically decided to stop by Costco.  Shockingly, I was able to park, shop, pay and load my purchases into my trunk in thirty minutes.  It was a Christmas miracle!  Some days I stand in line for just about that long.

I literally spent the rest of my afternoon driving around.  I picked up one son, delivered him home and then left to pick up my other son and his friend.  I drove the friend to pick up some clothes at her house, then had just enough time to pick up my third son for work.  I then drove back to school to drop off my son and his friend for a drama showcase.  I returned home just in time to work.  I realized at that point that I had been in the car for two hours.

At least it wasn’t raining!  Or snowing!  And this weekend we are supposed to be back in the seventies where we belong–and I’m not talking decades but temperatures.  (Thank God, because the seventies were not a good look for many of us.)


4 thoughts on “Friday, Friday

  1. I hate going to a movie, pay good money and being disappointed. I probably would have gotten up and moved away from the weird O ha


  2. Well, my thinking is that the older gentleman wasn’t a weirdo, just someone alone who had no one to go to a movie with and thought maybe if he sat near someone, it might give him the illusion he was with someone. This is such a lonely time of year for sooooooooooooo many people.


  3. I wondered if you still go to the nominated movies. Like, how in the world do you find time for that? Also, how do you stay awake in a darkened room with the little dab of sleep you get on a regular basis?

    Simply amazing – you are!

    (Often I hear of a movie I think sounds good, so I write down the name, as they are advertised a couple weeks before they come out. But by then, I have lost the list, or add to it. Couldn’t even tell you what year it was when I last went to a movie………)


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