What costs a lot and makes me want to cry?

This afternoon at four, my two youngest kids and I had dental appointments.

On the short drive to the office, I asked my kids if there’s anything they like doing less than going to the dentist.

“No,” they said.

“What about running five miles?”

“I’d rather run five miles.”

“What about walking on broken glass?”

“I’d rather walk on broken glass.”

“What about listening to your brothers argue?”

Pause.  “I’d rather go to the dentist.”  My 15-year old son absolutely hates to be around arguing or fighting, especially when his brothers go at it.

Personally, I’d rather do almost anything than go to the dentist but I also want to have teeth until I die.  So, we went.

The exams and cleanings took longer than I’d hoped–we were there almost two hours, I think.  My daughter ended up getting two especially stubborn baby molars plucked out.  The adult teeth had come in and still those babies refused to leave.  My son passed with flying colors.

The dentist looked at my mouth, asked me if I’d been wearing my mouthguard but I don’t have and never have had a mouthguard so I said no.  He looked puzzled and studied my chart.  He advised me to get one (low price of $295 after insurance)  and told me I’d be glad I did in twenty or thirty years but I’m not convinced.  I also need three crowns (low, low price of $400 each after insurance) but I’m putting that off until money grows on trees.

Also, can someone explain how to carry on a conversation while someone’s fingers and sharp metal dental tools are all crowded in my mouth?  While I enjoy the staff at this dental office, it’s pretty difficult to chat while I have the x-ray things clenched between my teeth.

It sounded something like this:

Her:  “Oh, did you cut your hair?”

Me:  “Yaaaaa, uhg had nnnufffff soooo uh cuhhhh i.”

Her:  “Oh, is that your natural color and curl?”

Me:  “Ahhhhhhh, uh aaaaah.”


Him:  “So are you all ready for Christmas?”

Me:  “Uhhhhhh-hhhhhhh.”

* * *

The dentist:  More fun than walking on broken glass but a lot less fun than pretty much everything else in the world.


One thought on “What costs a lot and makes me want to cry?

  1. Going to the dentist was a nightmare for me for about 64 years. I started young – still remember my first appointment. That was the time my mother heard me crying and came into the exam room. At that point, the dentist took her by the arm and walked her back to the waiting room with strong speech telling her to stay out! (Is it any wonder I always hated going to a dentist?)

    Another vivid memory is of a trip to a dentist’s office along the shores of Lake Michigan. That was the time he stuck me three times with a bent needle, then pulled the wrong decayed tooth. And I had to go back the next day…………

    These days, half “my” teeth sit in a cute little dish beside the bathroom sink. They hurt; can’t bite with them so don’t keep them in my mouth very long at a time.

    SO, I say all that simply to say this – spend the money; take care of those teeth. Do as your mother says, not as your mother does! HAHA


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