Look away

I am still in the throes of a bad cold.  I stayed home from church so I could stay in pajamas and lie in bed with  box of tissues and the remote control.  I took three naps.

And then I had to work for four hours.  I’ve created an impressive tower of used tissues during my stay at the keyboard.

Tomorrow should be a better day.  One can hope.

One thought on “Look away

  1. I have two friends who I send a five point gratitude list every night. One of them responds with her own; we’re trying to prime/jumpstart the other. In times like this, it really helps.

    1. You are in your own bed, not a nursing home.
    2. You have a job.
    3. Your children are healthy.
    4. The beach is near, and in your near future. 😉
    5. You had the foresight to stock up on kleenex, and the money to do it, in a country where they are on the shelves. 🙂
    (Sometimes we have to dig deep. 🙂


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