Something happened and I thought to myself, “Self, that would make a good anecdote for that blog you write.”

And so here I am.

The major problem, however, is that I can’t remember what that incident might have been.  I’m not sure who I pity more: me or you.

Around here, things are busy.  We’re having friends stop by for an overnight visit tomorrow.  They’re from North Carolina, traveling to Mexico and so we are a handy pit-stop on their journey across time zones.  All of this means that I spent hours today trying to deal with the Dog Hair Situation and the Laundry Situation.  And for the first time in a long, long time, I don’t have baskets of clean folded laundry cluttering up my office.

The Dog Hair Situation seems  under control, but only for minutes because Lola the Dog is the fuzziest, most shedding dog that God ever created.  Fine black dog hair drifts into my eyeballs and onto my tongue.  It’s the secret ingredient in everything I cook.  (Oh, now it’s not secret.  Please, don’t tell anyone.)

Anyway, tomorrow I will use the handy-dandy Swiffer in a quick and pretty much hopeless effort to eliminate the floating dog hairs before our guests arrive.

Today’s efforts also included a Magic Eraser, Windex, a rag and a lot of sweat and trips to the recycling bin.

In other news, my kids are finishing up their second week of school.  I am finishing up my seventy-hundred-fifty-billionth week of work.  Actually, I just had my six-year anniversary at my company.  I KNOW.  Six years!

I wish I could remember what it was I was going to tell you.

Well, since I can’t, I will spare you from further wanderings through my addled brain.

I’ll be back.  And I’ll try to bring my clever anecdote with me.

3 thoughts on “Empty-handed

  1. so…after reading your blog for years i have to ask…what is your job, not the home job, your working job???
    it is good for company to come at least once a year, gives me motivation to really “clean”. :0)


  2. Ugh. I SOOO understand what you are saying here. Even when I jot down notes about my rare epiphanies they make no sense to me when I finally sit down to write.
    The most interesting thing I could think of tonight was that the cute little neighbor girl has poison ivy all over her face. I didn’t write that. But that was the best I had.


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