Raindrops feel brand new here

Random thoughts to fill up this space:

Rain is falling here in Southern California.  So I guess the yard guys won’t be by tomorrow to mow the lawn.

I spent two Saturdays in a row gathering information and then filing our complicated taxes.  This was the first time in years I’ve done my own taxes but the gentleman who usually does them told me I could and he was right.

One of my sons had two job interviews at Legoland.  Now he’s just waiting to hear if he got the job.

One of my other sons is waiting to hear if he was able to transfer to a different high school.  Hopefully we hear in another week or so.  I am impatient.

Grace and I went to Sea World on Wednesday on a school field trip.  Fun.

My dog’s favorite ball, the one that’s really a food dispenser, has disappeared.  Why?  How?

Helping people move reminds me that I never, ever, ever want to move again.  Ever.

We have a very loud frog living in our back yard.  I wish I could see it but every time we step closer, it suddenly shuts up.

I saw daffodils blooming in someone’s yard today.  I need daffodils.  And lilacs.

But mostly at this moment, I need sleep.

One thought on “Raindrops feel brand new here

  1. We woke to dense fog, but when looking up, could detect the color blue. Sure enough – it is totally blue sky out there now, and simply gorgeous.

    I did a walk around the yard this week, and in one flower bed saw tiny daffodils – they have some other name when they are miniature, but still, they look like daffodils – and tulip leaves that are about 6 inches out of the dirt. Also looks like three other types of things growing in that one flower bed. We weren’t in this house last Spring, so it is all new to us. And such fun to see what will be blooming before long.

    Change – that pretty much sums up Life, doesn’t it? We must take the good with the bad and enjoy most of it.

    Hope the proper jobs come through, Zach’s collarbone continues healing, the rain will go away, the dog’s ball will roll out from it’s hiding place, and you have a great week-end.


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