Thar She Blows!

Before today, I’d never been whale-watching.  This seems incredible since I grew up in Washington State, close to the Puget Sound where orcas swim.

It could have been Seattle today here in Southern California.  Yesterday, it was sunny.  Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be sunny.  Today?  The clouds threatened to rain.  The wind blew turning all the ungloved fingers red. It was cold.

I brought a wool hat that a blog reader knit for me.  (Best birthday gift ever, all those years ago!)  I wore the kind of gloves that look like mittens until you flip back the end and then they are fingerless gloves.

(I love her hair.)

We’d been out in the open ocean, maybe five miles from shore for an hour and fifteen minutes.  Some moms were leaning over the railing throwing up, but I was taking photos of  the shimmering sun on the waves, bummed out that we weren’t seeing any whales.

And then, the captain got all excited and told us to look at “one o’clock” and though I looked and looked, I saw nothing.

Time passed and my nose grew colder and then, suddenly, he told us the whale was at “eleven o’clock”. I couldn’t see it because I was on the wrong side of the boat.

But then.  The boat turned, the whale surfaced and I saw it!

So amazing.  Even the captain–who told us his dad built the boat we were on when the captain himself was in kindergarten–he was excited!


These were fin whales, the captain said.

And amazingly enough, not a drop of rain fell while we were on the boat.

4 thoughts on “Thar She Blows!

  1. Awesome. (You are only allowed to use that world in response to observation and experience of the natural world.)
    That sounds great.


  2. SO fun you got to see them. AND, Grace’s hair is so long now. Like her mother’s, for sure.

    You take beautiful pictures. Thanks for always sharing – both them and your stories regarding your activities.


  3. Mel,
    You made my day. I confess that when you posted you were moving to Southern California, my first thought was that you would never wear your hat again. I’m happy you still have occasion to wear it.

    Grace gets her beautiful hair from you. I had to say it. 🙂


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