Seventy-five percent of my children have a cold.  The only one who does not has a broken collarbone.

So it was inevitable that I caught it, too, very much against my will.  For one thing, today is (was?) my birthday.  I am too old to catch the common cold.  (Ha.  Don’t you wish?)

While walking the dog this morning and discussing my age, my 1o-year old daughter pointed out, “Both of my parents are elderly.”  I laughed out loud.  Then, encouraged by my reaction, she intoned, “My parents will be pushing each other around in wheelchairs at my wedding.”

Oh!  That child makes me laugh.

I had a quiet birthday.  My husband and I went to lunch where we used up a $25 birthday credit.  I love a bargain, so that felt quite satisfying.  Then after lunch we came home via the route along the coast.  The sun was bright today, so the water was such a beautiful deep blue color.

And now I’m taking my sore throat to bed where I hope to ignore it and sleep.

Also?  I don’t really mind my age, but I’m kind of mad at the whole idea of getting old and dying.

6 thoughts on “Inevitable

  1. Rage, rage against the dying of the light…

    The old guard, my parent’s generation, is passing.

    I envy your coastal drives. In heaven, I will take them, too.
    I don’t know if you have an e-reader. I got the Tea-Olive Birdwatching Society free from Amazon on Christmas Eve, and enjoyed it. It was free for a day. The last few days, I downloaded Enchanted April free, and enjoyed it, even though it’s an oldie.
    Those are good for the dark days of winter, and for when you’re sick.


  2. Happy Birthday! Glad your son was as nonchalant about the broken bone as he was. I am so not looking forward to mine getting to the bone-breaking phase. Girls don’t seem to do that as much from what I’ve seen so far.


  3. You, elderly? Your daughter must be following in the footsteps of her youngest brother in the humor department.

    Hope your cold doesn’t last long. I think our household has had – and is having – enough sickness for all of us for the entire year. I’m sick of sickness.


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