And today I mailed out Christmas letters

Yesterday, I wrestled my three-part fake pre-lit Christmas tree into its box and taped it closed before it could spring back out.  I felt a great sense of accomplishment. I hope it still lights up next Christmas.

Then today, I sent out sixty-five Christmas letters.  Because I am prompt like that.

It’s been cold here, dipping into the thirties and even twenties at night–which is very cold, indeed, for San Diego.  I actually slipped on ice the other morning while walking the dog.  But today it was glorious and warm, a little warmer than seventy degrees.  I would have liked to recline on a chaise lounge in the sunshine except for two problems:

1)  I don’t own a chaise lounge.
2)  I didn’t have time to recline.  I was too busy stuffing Christmas letters into envelopes, thinking how silly it was to even send anything this late.

After the letters were ready to send, I drove Grace and Lola the Dog and the envelopes to a mailbox which is weirdly situated on the side of a road near the dog park.  Then we went to the dog park where Lola the Dog pranced and raced and greeted more people than dogs. My daughter greeted every dog she could, especially the Corgi which is her current favorite breed.

After the sun had set, we returned home and I cooked a quick dinner.

At any rate, it’s no longer Christmas around here, just in case you were wondering, and in fact, this week it looks almost like summer, especially by Seattle standards.


5 thoughts on “And today I mailed out Christmas letters

  1. I wish I could pare my Christmas card list down to 65. I send out around a 100 and at almost 50 cents per stamp it’s beginning to become a very expensive enterprise, ha! I wish you’d send ME one of your Christmas letters, lol! I’ll send you one of mine! 😉


  2. I will be watching for the mailman to deliver your wonderful, newsy letter. He pulls around the corner about 11:30 a.m. But I won’t hold my breath for a couple days yet, since Monday is a holiday and the letter probably won’t be here by tomorrow.

    Speaking of weather, just thought I’d let you know the fog here is thicker than it’s been in years, they are saying…. “they” are the people on the radio and TV stations who know these things. On my way home from the doctor’s office this afternoon, the fog was so dense, I couldn’t see my street corner, and missed my turn. It was almost frightening – when I came to our house, I could barely see where the drive-way was.

    So, your cold weather could be worse. When it is so cold that the ground stays white all day with frost and the trees (and streets) disappear in the fog, that’s bad.


  3. i am sure all who recieve the letter are happy to get it…no matter how behind you are.
    i love getting letters from my friends.


  4. It. Is. So. Cold. Here.
    We took the tree down over the weekend. Finally. It was still green, but starting to drop needles.
    I need it, until the days start getting noticeably longer.

    I finished a very long historical novel: Edward Rutherfurd’s New York, and passed it on to a friend who grew up in NJ, and loves NY.
    I am still bogged down in the longest travelogue ever written, Rebecca West’s famous Black Lamb and Grey Dove, or something like that. She traveled through Czechoslovakia with her husband between the World Wars. You would not believe how much these people fight, once they are born and told who to hate.

    Enjoy your fabulous weather. 🙂


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