Shoo, fly, don’t bother me

What is up with super high heels?


Does anybody you know in real life actually wear them?

I see them on television all the time (perhaps I watch too many Real Housewives).  The women are hobbling down the sidewalk and I just don’t get it.

I do remember when I was a young teenager–maybe even a pre-teen–and I owned a pair of ridiculously high platform sandals which I wore with–as memory serves–“suntan” pantyhose and a polyester skirt.

But when I was young, I thought fashion mattered and I didn’t care about being unable to walk.

Now, I just want my feet not to hurt.  I want to be able to walk without tottering.  Won’t there be plenty of time to totter when I’m an old woman?

Can you imagine a man enduring the stupidity of these impossible shoes just so his calves would look more shapely or so he’d look taller and, therefore, slimmer?

Listen.  I’m already 5’7″.  I don’t need to be six feet tall but I do need to be able to balance while I walk.


The Frumpiest Woman in Southern California . . . but my feet feel fine, thanks for asking

8 thoughts on “Shoo, fly, don’t bother me

  1. When we got to church in Kitchener, Ontario, just about every young woman wears them to church. I don’t know if that’s true of church here in the US because Kitchener is the only ‘real live’ church we go to when we can. When the young ladies are heading up to sing in the choir, those shoes look excrutiating to me. In the days of my youth I used to wear all kinds of platform shoes and sandals, but I don’t remember them being combined with the impossibly skinny stiletto heels. It’s a miracle more of the girls who choose to wear them don’t fall off and break an ankle or their necks!! I’m with you…comfort over fashion any day at this stage of the game.


  2. The only women I have ever heard who wear these are strippers… and I have no idea how they dance in these things, let alone walk! I think it must take practice… or you have to have a pole to hang on to. 🙂



  3. Yes, they are definitely worn around here, even in the dead of winter. I don’t see them a lot, but they are not uncommon. A sprained or broken ankle waiting to happen, is what I say. More money than common sense, is what I think. There is a huge amount of money for somebody in this kind of stuff, because it at least doubles the size of the victims’ shoe wardrobe; they have to have the vanity shoes, and the sanity shoes for back up.


  4. I had a pair of EXTREMELY high heels when I was in my early twenties. My husband bought them for me, to go with a purple crushed velvet dress he also bought me. He was sad the day I packed them up and sent them to the thrift store. But I didn’t care. Could not walk with a diaper bag over my shoulder and an very large baby in my arms. Oh, and did I mention that the stairway to our fist apartment was OUTSIDE and we live in Michigan? We are still married.
    Whenever I see anyone wearing extremely high heels I wonder what they think the improvement is? But then, I’m old and opinionated.


  5. here in the good old midwest they wear them. some just look plain stupid trying to look sexy in those things. we have on lady in our church who has to be close to 70..but looks very young because of surgery…she wears them everywhere…and dresses young too. it really is embrassing.
    i never wear a heel of any size and i am under 5’2 but really who wants the pain.
    i will say some of the shoes are cute…but i just can’t bear the pain.


  6. I’m happy I saved one pair of high heels from my late teen years. Walked to and from the bank in them (over a mile), then stood on my feet all day as I filed and waited on customers. I thought I was so stylish then. Today they live on a bedroom shelf with other “antiques”.

    Now, I’m happy to just be able to walk! Slippers – socks – bare feet – flip flops when the weather is warmer – anything that is comfortable is my style today.

    But then, look at the hair styles we used to think were so wonderful. It’s all called L I F E. Enjoy the journey. What happens today can be reason for tomorrow’s laughter.


  7. After I became a mom, I declared to myself and anyone who cares (no one), that I would never, ever wear high heels ever again. Or low heels. Every job interview I’ve been to since then, I’ve changed into heels immediately before entering the building, and removed them in the bathroom on the way out.

    With the second coming around in a few weeks, being ginormous, and living in Europe where I walk 5-6 miles a day just to accomplish school drop offs and errands, I’ve worn nothing but good ole’ “Hey, I’m an American!” running shoes since the second trimester. It’s going to be very hard to transition back to flats.


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