My daughter’s molar is sitting on my desk, right next to the envelopes I meant to mail, my iPhone, a brand new book of Post-it notes and a notepad scrawled with notes that don’t matter anymore.

I should be asleep but I got distracted.   And then I thought I should write something in this neglected blog but there is so much I could say and so little I can say.  No man is an island and all that.

I took my daughter and my son’s girlfriend to the beach tonight to watch the sunset.  It was beautiful and only a little chilly.

We saw a pelican snap at an unsuspecting man’s elbow when the man invaded the pelican’s space.  A sign near the pelican said something like, “I am a wild animal.  I bite stupid people.”  That may have been the best moment of my day.


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  1. LOL! Loved the sign by the pelican. Don’t feel badly, Mel. There is so much I could write about in my blog and yet my hands are tied. Story of our lives, eh?


  2. I love how the water looks like glass – so smooth. The ocean is amazing – always a different look to it. You capture such great shots – you must have a whole book of ocean shots by now. Nice.


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