I keep thinking I might think of something to blog about.

I’m not sure if I’ve lost my creativity or if there really is nothing to say about my life.  Some things are off-limits, of course.  Some things are boring.  Who wants a recitation of the monotony that is a full-time job, a dog who eats inedible stuff if you aren’t careful, cooking dinner (every night!  so grueling!) and laundry?  Really, laundry is the least of it . . . I don’t mind except that I ran out of laundry detergent.

My husband has introduced me to Duck Dynasty which makes me laugh so loudly that I can’t hear what comes next.  So, there’s that, but watching television is hardly interesting to relay, right?

My house still looks like Thanksgiving with a little Halloween mixed in.  Houses on our street have Christmas lights and I see Christmas trees through their front windows but I just can’t seem to shake my grinchy lethargy.  It’s hard to feel like Christmas when it’s sunny and the flowers are still in bloom.  I’m also afraid that Lola the Dog will eat our Christmas ornaments, so we’ll have to protect the tree with a dog-fence thing we got when she was a puppy.

And the idea of decorating for Christmas makes me feel like a loser because my garage needs to be unpacked and sorted and organized and cleaned up.  I never really did get it fixed up after we moved, so there are still empty moving boxes sitting about.  The neighbor is selling me some shelving units, so I ought to get right on that.

Except, of course, for this full-time job that interferes with garage organizing.

And this weekend, a final soccer tournament for the year.  I’m not exactly sure where it is, but I’m sure it’s at least a thirty minute drive and it involves two games and an end-of-the-year pizza party between those games.  So, that will keep me busy . . . there’s also a game on Sunday.

I’m reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (for the first time ever) and then have a couple of memoirs lined up.  All I really want to do is read and eat brownies, but woman cannot live by books and brownies alone.  Alas.


8 thoughts on “Lagging

  1. It must be in the air. I have a stack of books out as well, and I made brownies yesterday. Personally, I feel like slipping into hibernation mode. Wouldn’t mind shutting out the world for the next several weeks.

    Enjoy the season, whether your decorations are up or not.


  2. You’re writing what I was thinking: not sure what to write about if anything at all. And it seems like there are a lot more off-limits topics lately than ever. And I don’t do laundry so that’s not something I can write about. But I am glad you continue to write! It’s inspiring.


  3. main reason why i dropped my blog…plus i can’t write, spell or organaize my thoughts…geezzzeee
    but i have never found one of your postings that i thougth boring.
    as for decoration…i gave that up 2 years ago. it is just me, so i can.


  4. Last week-end, I asked my son to bring my Christmas tubs upstairs so I could decorate. To date, I got out – then put away – a moving Christmas doll holding what is supposed to be a candle – but alas; it is missing. Also? I have 2 snowmen out, but not working yet. Both need batteries to light up, move, and make noise, but who knows where the screwdriver is for taking apart the battery compartment.

    So, the living room has 4 or 5 Christmas tubs and looks anything but festive.

    Oh yes; I also want to bake, but my recipes are packed in a moving box from July. It’s no fun at all in my world. I don’t even have brownies – however, I did buy 4 books the other day! Woo-hoo!!!


  5. I got over half the decorations up before Thanksgiving, since my in-laws were coming then, and we won’t see them at Christmas. My father got a hip replacement this week, and the turmoil around that is not festive.
    I read Rhoda Janzen’s second memoir, Does This Church Make Me Look Fat? Better than the first, but still finding her voice. I am finding it hard to get into Glastonbury, by Donna Fletcher Crow. Great idea for a book, but I find it drags.


  6. Our first Christmas party is at our house, tomorrow. Oh, I’ve decorated all right, but I haven’t CLEANED in, oh, really I cannot remember how long since I’ve actually CLEANED like my mother used to.
    Ugh. I just looked and it is 12:05 here which means the party is actually today.
    It will be okay. It always is.
    And it will be 60 degrees in Michigan tomorrow, so we can always move the party outside…


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