This is why we can’t have nice things

I’ve been scarce around here for several reasons.

We had company for a few nights and did our best to pretend we were on vacation while they were here.  You know, fruit salads and bratwurst on the grill and time at the beach.

And then our cat had the nerve to stop eating which necessitated a feeding tube.  This features random cat vomit and four feeding sessions a day that take forever.  Fortunately, the teenagers have taken over this task.

But mostly I’ve just been spending all my spare time finishing A Prayer for Owen Meany.  I read it when I was 22 or 23.  You miss a lot when you are only 22 or 23.  You don’t know it at the time, of course, but when you look back 24 or 25 years later, you understand how narrow the spotlight of your knowledge and understanding really was.

Here are a few things my almost 10-month old puppy has destroyed:

1)  the cord attached to a lamp while it was still plugged in
2)  three shoes owned by visiting teenage girls
3)  a salt shaker
4)  the living room carpet
5)  various bowls and plates.
6)  other stuff I can’t remember this second.

photo (80)

Look at that baby face!

4 thoughts on “This is why we can’t have nice things

  1. And *that* is why I told my kids we are NOT getting a puppy! We’re in a rental right now and I can’t afford all the damage payments we’d have to make when we move out! We ended up getting a rescue dog from the county shelter, a super cute, sweet, shepard mix who is not a puppy, but still a teenager (not quite two years old). It turns out he’s afraid of just about everything and was starting to get aggressive as a fear response so… instead of spending a fortune on puppy repairs, I’m spending a fortune on a 3-week doggie camp residential training program. More than I spent for my 3 kids to go to camp this summer. Ouch! But he’s a total sweetie underneath all that so I can’t wait to get him back again only better.

    All that to say… aren’t puppies cute? Just keep looking at her puppy picture to remind yourself. Dogs are like kids… so much cuter when they are babies! lol


  2. don’t you wonder why we want pets and kids…ha ha just kidding but the thought has crossed my mind more then twice :0)


  3. I know someone who has a Burmese Mountain dog. He was quite unmanageable until he went with his owners to obedience training. It made all the difference.
    The take home advice was to make sure the dog gets plenty of exercise. They take him out for runs daily. They both work and he is waiting for them when they return!

    Good thing he’s so cute!!


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