Tomorrow is a rare day.  We have no sports scheduled.  The calendar square is empty, except for the pesky notation that I have to work tomorrow night to cover someone’s shift.

But other than that?  Glorious freedom.

Unless, of course, you count all the tedious tasks that await me, all those neglected things that have just piled up like so much junk mail, like the literal junk mail pile for instance.

My dream is that I will have enough time and determination to:

1)  Clean off my desk.

2)  Box up and return third-grade school curriculum.

3)  Send off books I promised to a few friends.

4)  De-clutter and organize laundry room.

5)  Clean kitchen, price new refrigerators, shop for groceries.

First, though, I’m sleeping in.  Grace went to VBS all week, so we had to wake up earlier than usual.

In other news, my dog chewed a lamp cord into a dozen pieces.  I’m just shocked she didn’t electrocute herself.  (Get it?  SHOCKED?  Ha ha ha.)


Hope your weekend is full of dreams that come true like I imagine mine will be.  (Ahh, clean laundry room, decluttered desk, fridge full of unspoiled food . . . I dream big.)

One thought on “Dreaming

  1. My Dear Hubby is up in the “big woods” for the weekend attending a traditional longbow target shoot. He left around 5 yesterday morning. I have the weekend totally to myself. Love it.


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