Untitled because it’s too late to think up a title

You know what’s not fun?

Handing the  checker your Albertson’s card as she’s ringing up your random groceries only to realize that your debit card is in a Zip-loc bag in the beach bag you took to the beach yesterday.

But look on the bright side!  At least you were at the Albertson’s closest to home so it only took seven minutes (each way) to retrieve the card.

Am I the only one who finds myself trying to purchase things only to realize I have no debit card, no credit card and no cash with me?

3 thoughts on “Untitled because it’s too late to think up a title

  1. Sadly you’re not alone. . .happens to me far more often than I’d like to admit. Usually its after I’ve made an online purchase and my whole wallet is sitting by my computer. Sure makes it hard to get after the kids for being so forgetful.


  2. Like Michelle, I often leave my card somewhere after making an online purchase. I did this just last night, so thank you for reminding me to put it back in my wallet 😛


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