Today my daughter and I drove to Anaheim to pick up our houseguests (my son’s girlfriend and her 17-year old sister).

The girls will be staying with us for a few weeks.

After we picked up the girls, we headed to San Diego, where we stopped a mall so I could exchange some items.  We had lunch at Red Robin.

We had some time to spend, so I used my GPS and we moseyed over to Balboa Park.  I’d never been before.  We wandered around for an hour and a half, taking cell phone pictures of the buildings.  Well, only I was taking cell phones pictures because I didn’t have a camera with me.  The girls had cameras.

At 4:30 we picked up one of my sons from the airport.  I only had to circle around once.

Traffic was awful, so we crawled our way up the coast instead of up the freeway.  Where else can you be stuck in traffic while watching surfers but Highway 1?  It was slow going.

Before arriving at home, we stopped at Costco so I could get tickets for the fair.  We’re going tomorrow.  I also filled up my gas-tank and was so happy to pay only $3.65 a gallon.  I’d paid $4.25 a gallon not so long ago.

At home, the dog greeted us with frenzied joy.  She went berserk.  So I took her for a brisk thirty minute walk.

And then it was 8 p.m.

I worked from 9 p.m. until now.

Tomorrow:  The San Diego County Fair.

3 thoughts on “Today

  1. It’s so weird: I’m in your old stomping grounds and you’re in mine. I’ve spent a lot of time in San Diego. I have some great memories of Balboa park. It’s so beautiful down there. I’m happy you’re enjoying it (except the traffic, that is. Some of the worst in the country 😦 )


  2. I am SOOO tired – not from being up too many hours, nor from doing too much work.

    YOU tire me out!!! If only you didn’t do SO much, I might be more rested.

    I joke, but am truly amazed at all you do; all the places you go. Glad you are making memories. Enjoy all those activities – and all those children! Just as you remember your long bike trip, they will remember these fun times. Way to go, mom!


  3. How neat! We visited San Diego in April. We visited Balboa Park as well. San Diego is beautiful but I agree with Donna. San Diego traffic is insane. I will stick to my little town of 200,000, thank you very much!

    At least you got to see the coast while you moved like a snail in traffic.


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