Carlsbad Flower Fields


We three–my husband, daughter and I–visited the Flower Fields this afternoon.


Sometimes, you must stop and . . . photograph the flowers.



8 thoughts on “Carlsbad Flower Fields

  1. Poppy fields? Oh dear – I am REALLY sorry………..

    Sorry I’m not there to also take pictures!

    Glad you could get out and enjoy the beauty. Awesome colors. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Poppies and Ranunculus? Or just a lot of different poppies? Whatever, they’re absolutely gorgeous! We have a photo of a beloved aunt of Dear Hubby’s sitting out in a field of poppies, plopped down in the center of them and such a ‘real’ photo of her personality…she was a character! Not long after the photo she was killed in an horrific head-on collision, as were her two dogs who were with her at the time. Everytime I look at that photo of Aunt Norma it just makes me smile. She is one person who reached out, embraced life, and loved every second that was given to her!


  3. I was searching for field of flowers for a composition to paint and came across your images… I love them!


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