Coming to you live from my new office in my new house in my new city in my new state wearing my old slippers

Every night by the time I’m done working at midnight, I just want to sleep.  So I do that instead of writing here.

But tonight I am sacrificing a bit of sleep so I can quickly update this blog so you don’t think I’m trapped in an avalanche of moving boxes.

A week and a half ago, the moving truck arrived.  The truck driver directed his three helpers and by 5 p.m., all of our belongings were loaded into the Mayflower truck.  That makes it sound so easy, doesn’t it?

Truth be told, my feet hurt from packing sixteen hours the day before. I was exhausted from sleeping only three hours that night.  And I was still packing up the master bedroom while the movers were emptying our house of boxes.

The sweet thing about that day was how my kids’ friends showed up just to hang out while the movers were moving our stuff out from under them.

At 5 p.m., we drove out of our circle.  I kept wondering what we might have forgotten, then remembered that the house was empty, so we couldn’t have forgotten anything.

The first night, we drove to Salem, Oregon.  I’m not sure how we ever managed car trips without a GPS and an iPhone.  It was after 7 p.m. before I started calling to find a hotel.  (And scored!  We stayed at a nice Best Western that gave us a free breakfast at Denny’s the next morning.)

On Saturday, we drove from 9 a.m. until . . . oh, I don’t remember, but it was ten hours or eleven.  The terrain through northern California is hilly and curvy and exhausting to drive.  We were at the hotel early enough for the kids to swim before the pool closed at 10 p.m.

On Sunday, we only had to drive about six hours before we arrived at our new home.  Of course, I had completely overlooked the need for bedding, so that night I slept on the couch (we purchased from the sellers of the house) using two bath towels for a blanket.  (I had two duffel bags of clean last-minute laundry packed into the car.  It was pretty random.)

On Monday, we walked along the beach, gawking at ground squirrels on one side of the path and pelicans overhead and surfers bobbing in the ocean.

Tuesday, the moving truck arrived.  By 2 p.m., they had unloaded all of our furniture and boxes and belongings.  I have unpacked most of the important things–the kitchen is completely unpacked, as are the living rooms and family rooms.  The master bedroom is in good shape, though my half of the closet is a jumble of shoes and clothes.  I’ve discovered boxes in the garage that seem to have been abandoned there by lazy movers–it was easier for them to put those boxes in the garage than to cart them upstairs where they belong.

The first week we were here, Grace went to VBS and Zach went along as a helper.  The teenagers keep waking up unbelievably early because the light is so bright in this whole house.  Sunlight!  Who knew that it could shine so regularly and intensely?

This week, Grace is going to soccer camp.

I’m back to work full-time after taking off two half-days to pack.

We barely acknowledged Independence Day since we had no real idea where to watch fireworks without being caught in bad traffic.  My husband bought a couple of back-yard games for the kids–and they played while I went to two different grocery stores and spent the afternoon doing food preparation.

Our new house is spacious and bright.  I’m still trying to figure out what the light switches control and what time the mailman comes.  I unpacked nineteen boxes of books, then discovered nine more boxes marked “OFFICE” in the garage.

I’m wondering if I’ll ever have any friends here and how long it will take to fit in.

Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting at Soccer Camp in the morning, reading in the sunshine.   Though, of course, as soon as we left Washington, the sun came out there.

17 thoughts on “Coming to you live from my new office in my new house in my new city in my new state wearing my old slippers

  1. We’ve been blessed to move into a friendly but non-intrusive neighborhood. We chitchat every now and then, wave and say hello. Even people walking and driving by say hello and wave…what a concept! Gotta love that midwest friendliness, and I do! Since I began day care for my grandsons over 5 years ago my face-to-face encounters with friends didn’t happen very often…not enough time OR energy. I’ve depended on the internet in all this time to keep in touch with family and friends and I’m still doing that here in Michigan. So for me it doesn’t feel any differently than it did in Portland. I am not the least bit homesick and I feel very settled and content here. Your kids will be the ones most affected by the transition, leaving old friends behind and having to reach out and meet new friends, of course. I know my daughter and daughter-in-law get to missing theirs every now and then…in fact, my daughter-in-law flew back to Portland last nite to attend some of our church’s camp meeting and to connect with a big group of girlhood friends who’ve all stayed close thru the years. I hope you enjoy California…it’ll be a better place with you in it! 🙂


  2. You have died and gone to heaven, being so near the ocean. And a house with light is a great house. It’s great your children are already plugging in. Glad you had a safe trip! A new place will keep your brain cells moving into new patterns. It’s great you could take your job along.


  3. We are preparing for a move and my mind echoes some of the wonders you mentioned in your post: light switches, friendships, etc. Best wishes to you in your new home!


  4. Congratulations on your move! I hope that you truly love it there – I believe San Diego? I had a project under construction out there for a few years and was coming out every 6 weeks or so – I was in love. I very much wish I could have moved there. My very favorite restaurant (The Starlite) is there – please try it when you have an opportunity to get away with your husband.

    Good luck with the unpacking – my move was a year ago and I’m proud to say that I have no more boxes that have not been gone through – but my household was significantly smaller than yours.

    Enjoy and welcome home.


  5. I’m so glad to know you’re getting all settled into your new surroundings. Hope the transition continues to go smoothly and that very soon you are have lots of new friends (and so do your kids!!). I keep looking at your weather and wishing I was there. . . .


  6. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you are settling in. I too wonder if I will have any friends when I move. I just really hope that my kids make friends quickly which I’m sure they will. Less than a week until the movers arrive. So not ready it’s not even funny.


  7. So happy to have the update….i have been stalking your site! I know you will end up with lots of friends…just show them what you show us on your blog!
    Moving is the pits…and I know you must be worn out from all the work.


  8. You’ve arrived!

    Listen, you are about an hour away from me. So if you want to meet up sometime at a halfway point, let me know!

    California, even with all of its problems, is stil a wonderful place to live. I’m sure you and your kids will love it.


  9. I have not been commenting on your blog lately but have dropped in time to time. I kept thinking of you, knowing you were preparing to move and knowing the difficulty that brings. I’m so glad you got to CA safe and sound, if not a little worn out!

    Hoping CA is good to you. Some of my loved ones were born and/or raised there. From what I understand the weather is glorious most of the time; at least for those that like warm weather. I hope you make some friends quickly as well.

    Ouida Gabriel


  10. I’m very glad you’re happy. And don’t feel too bad about the sun coming out in Seattle. It only lasted a couple of days. Today it’s cold and raining again. Sigh. Can I come visit you?


  11. I’m so glad to hear that the trip went well and that you are settling into your new home. You’ve been on my mind over the last two weeks – and it looks like lots of other folks’ too.

    And that title – priceless! There’s something to be said for the comfort of old slippers…



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