And now he’s gone again

My husband was home for a few days.  He arrived on Monday morning and I dropped him off at the airport today.

While he was here we borrowed someone’s pick-up truck so we could throw away broken and worthless things at the dump.  (Hello, faded red sandbox, I’m talking to you.)  It was quite satisfying.

We went to a movie (Lincoln Lawyer).

We ate Chinese food.

He took my van for an oil change and a car wash.  I refuse to drive through a car wash because car washes scare me, so I wait for him to take care of that.

He played games with the kids, drove them to their various activities and took Grace to school and picked her up when it was over.

I’ve grown used to sleeping alone, so my sleep was all disrupted by his loud sleep.  While he was here, our default t.v. channel was Fox News instead of HGTV.

Now he’s gone again and I’m back to being the only adult in the house.  Only three more months of this craziness.

3 thoughts on “And now he’s gone again

  1. My hubby has been working out of town lately, too. I feel your pain. Miss them so much when they are gone, but it totally throws your schedule off when they are home.


  2. I have never known anyone else to admit they were afraid of drive thru car washes! I am sure there are millions of us out there. We are doing some purging around here and last week I got to toss the diaper change table and diaper bag in the dumpster – woo hoo! Not much reward for successfully potty training 4 children in 8 years but something, nonetheless.


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