My weekend can be summed up in two words:

Pressure washer.

I bought a pressure washer and then proceeded to pressure wash the slime and grime off backyard items and the mossy patio.

I remember very little else.  I could barely stay awake during church this morning–as much as I love Mark Driscoll’s preaching at Mars Hill–but did not get a nap today at all.

This is tragic.

The children have no school tomorrow so we’re all getting our hair cut.  We really know how to celebrate President’s Day, don’t we?

Tuesday morning my son with his bluish-purple fingernails and toenails has a doctor’s appointment.  Wednesday is lacrosse practice for another son, Thursday my husband returns home for a few days, Friday is lacrosse again, Saturday is my son’s thirteenth birthday and Sunday my husband flies back to California.

I’m kind of tired just thinking about it all.  Well, that and I’m tired because it’s 1:47 a.m. and I didn’t get a nap today.

3 thoughts on “My weekend can be summed up in two words:

  1. I didn’t get a nap yesterday either. I wish we had a pressure washer. do ya think it would get the 3 feet of snow off our deck?
    Have a nice day~ poet


  2. Nap? What is this “nap” of which you speak? The last time I had a real nap came just after juice & cookies time and right before fingerpainting. 1968 was a good year.
    That aside… aren’t pressure washers great? Good for grime removal and bone-rattling.


  3. Our vinyl siding could use a good power wash but I’m going to have to be satisfied with just washing down the inside walls of our two porches to get rid of all the dried-on cat spray…feral cats LOVE vinyl siding, if you didn’t know that. I could easily find all kinds of things that need to be done…painting more rooms, installing new kitchen cabinets, washing all the outsides of the windows. But time has run out and we’re packing up our belongings onto a truck this weekend and it will then head out on its journey to Livonia. Monday my husband and daughter-in-law and Max the Dog will take off to drive 2/3 of the way across the country. And next Saturday the rest of us will board a jet and go join them. And, hopefully, our house will be closed and we can move right in. Son and family will stay with us until theirs closes around the 11th. The sellers then have two weeks to move out. Let’s hope they accomplish that sooner. Hopefully they’re already packing up boxes. Naps? What are naps? I can barely make it thru the nite without waking up and then not being able to fall back to sleep because my mind is spinning in a million directions.

    I had the most lovely time saying hello and goodbye to your mom yesterday. What a wonderful lady she is. Mel, you are so blessed! My only regret was that you weren’t able to come along too. Maybe someday. Maybe you’ll come to another conference in Grand Rapids and you, Judy, and I can have a day of thrift store shopping together. Now, THAT would be fun too!


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