I’ve turned completely beige

I was a creative child.  I was a creative teenager and a creative college student. (Really.  I have proof.)

I was even a creative young mother, an avid collector of craft books who led my uncooperative boys in art projects.  I painted dressers and stenciled walls and wrote prose and composed music.  I pored over recipe and gardening books.

But now?  Now I fear the riotous color of my life has been painted neutral, just like the walls in my house.

I am boring.  Boring, I tell you.  Void of ideas, empty of that flash of inspiration, just plain dry as desert sand.

I am also worried that I don’t have a creative bone left in my body.  They’ve all been replaced by plastic and metal that will set off alarms at the airport.

My life is a straight line of delivering kids to school, buying groceries, doing laundry, vacuuming, working at the computer, cooking a boring dinner, cleaning up after dinner, napping and working some more.

Bore.  Ing.

I’m a bore.

Will I ever have a clever thought again?  Will I be able to string together a necklace of words that shimmer even on an overcast day?

I either have to make peace with this dull turn of events or figure out a way to locate my missing creativity.

And I’ll do that as soon as I find the time.  (In other words, in about twenty years, give or take three months.)

9 thoughts on “I’ve turned completely beige

  1. Here is the great thing- we serve a Creative God, who created us in His image! We can seek Him in creative ways and He will always love us in creative ways-start looking for both of those things and I think the creativity will start flowing. Plus, I don’t think your blog is boring. I keep reading;-)


  2. Like a lot of us, I think you’re in what I call “duck and run mode”. This requires a lot of effort in perseverance, scheduling and executing. I know in my case it seems to shut down creativity; it’s like you can’t do both at the same time.
    All that to say, I think it’s still there – it’ll just be a lot easier to get to once chaos has been replaced by calmness. Hang in there.


  3. You absolutely slay me with your blog posts!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel! I do! But never fear, change will happen at some point and all will be well. Just go with the boring for now. It’s OK. Boring is the new black, sweetie! LOL


  4. Once the Springtime comes, and you can burst open your windows wide and smell the grass again, you will find your creative mojo. I am not sure if you ever read The Artist’s Way, but many componants of that book have stayed with me over the years, and it could be a good start if and when you are ready to “unblock” your creative mind.


  5. Pretty beige-y here now, too, in many ways, though I’m hoping to spark a return of some creative genius when we thaw out….

    I don’t think your blog is boring, either 🙂



  6. I totally have to agree with these other folks…not once has your blog seemed boring to me. Never! Your wit – your perspective – you are a fabulous writer!

    My wish is that soon you will have space and time for you!


  7. Hi. I’m a first time reader of your blogs. I was googling the Naked Diet and up popped up your blog that you previously had written and then followed you over to here. I must say your definitely not as boring as me! Your blogs are entertaining. I love the way you write. I wish I had enough nerve to actually post what I’m thinking. Keep it going!


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