There’s a strange man in my house

So, we’re getting our house ready to put on the market.  I’ve had the kitchen counter-tops redone and new vinyl put in the laundry room.  I bought a new kitchen sink and a new toilet.  A few days ago, a guy installed a new stove.  There’s a new dishwasher sitting in the living room waiting for a guy to hook it up on Wednesday.  A nice young man installed two new light fixtures.  A long-suffering friend came over on very short notice to help us put up the new hood over the range.

And for a couple of weeks now, I’ve had a man here painting the interior walls.

He was due to arrive this morning at 9 a.m.  I worked last night until almost 2 a.m. . . . went to sleep at 2:30 a.m. . . . and woke up very reluctantly on a non-school day at ten minutes until nine.

The painter finally arrived at 10:20 a.m.  No, he did not call and let me know he would be late.

He was here until almost 7 p.m.  And while he’s a great guy and a meticulous painter, I am weary of having strange men in my house.

Spiffing up the house to sell it is a pain in the neck and also makes me wonder why in the world I didn’t spiff it up earlier.   Other than the fact that it’s a huge ordeal and inconvenience.

Next up?  Making arrangements for an appliance store to come and pick up my very old freezer.  But first I have to defrost it and clean up the Coke explosion that resulted from two of my kids forgetting cans of Coke in it last week.

Yes, it’s fun to be me.

5 thoughts on “There’s a strange man in my house

  1. You’ve reminded me that, after selling our house two years ago and spending weeks getting it spiffed up, we vowed we would keep our NEW house spiffed up, just for us! Looking around right now, it is very non-spiffy.


  2. I’ve done two major renos to the basement suite in 10 years – very little upstairs, however I have that endless list of stuff that you’ve mentioned, sitting under the kitchen table.


    Good question.

    AC’s comment reminds me of the time I replaced a broken tail light lens on my car only prior to selling the car.


  3. my mom did a crap load of updating in the house that she was trying to sell (which eventually did sell after her passing). the new owners gutted the whole house. $1100 carpetting in the living room/dining room/hall–gone, new fixtures in both bathrooms–gone, ripped walls down and tore it all to snake poop. also mom had a guy come in and put a new drop ceiling in the laundry room, and new vinyl floor covering, that ended up in the big dumpster box in the driveway too. so i have to wonder what is the point of updating everything if someone is just gonna rip it all up and make it like THEY want?

    oh and happy 2011~


  4. Mel, it is so surreal that we’re doing exactly the same things at exactly the same time, preparing for huge moves, you straight south and me 2300 miles to the east! I dunno about you, but this is happening so fast in our lives that my little peanut brain isn’t even grasping it yet. My daughter-in-law and I are flying out to Detroit tomorrow morning to house hunt and it just seems SO surreal, like I’m living someone elses life at the moment. I give you credit…my blogging is almost non-existent. But we’ll be moving within the next month so you’ve got a little more time than we do. I’ve got 28 years worth of living in this house to sort, purge, and pack…and it ain’t pretty, lol! And I’m still managing to take care of the grandboys 55 hours per week. I must admit, even tho we’ll be very busy this weekend, I’m looking forward to spending a few uninterrupted days with my daughter-in-law. I know I’ll find SOME time to relax…believe me, I NEED it! Keeping you in my prayers, sweetie…..


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