What happened here?

You would not believe the wreckage that is my family room.

This happened, apparently, while I was busy removing all the magnets from my refrigerator and cleaning out my junk drawer and delivering boxes to the storage unit.

Also?  If this feeling in my head is another cold, I will be so mad because Friday I am flying to Texas with my children to visit my in-laws (and my husband who is flying in to meet us).

That is all.

2 thoughts on “What happened here?

  1. The other night I woke myself with coughing – several minutes of coughing, the kind that hurts so much but won’t stop. My first thought was, “oh no, I’ve gotten a cold!”

    But alas, when I awoke after sun-up, I realized I was fine – no symptoms of a cold. Don’t know what triggered the night-time coughs, but what a relief……………

    Sometimes too much activity with not enough rest can make our bodies have that run-down feeling. My idea is to slow down and rest a bit more. I know you’re trying to do it all, but first things first – you need to stay healthy!


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