Nothing stays put away ever

I’m having a bad week.  I have PMS.  I gave up Diet Coke.  My mild cold is turning into a horrible cold.  It’s half-days of school.  My house fell into disarray somehow.  If I turn my back for one second, everything springs from its rightful home and throws itself to the floor.

I mean, how else can you explain the clutter on the floor throughout my living room, kitchen and family rooms?  I do not throw things on the floor myself, so it’s mystifying.  Well, it would be mystifying except that I know the kids are to blame.  For instance, this afternoon my bored 8-year old daughter resorted to running laps through the living room and kitchen . . . she propped the Costco-sized package of paper towels in the doorway so she could hurdle them.

So, that explains eight paper towel rolls scattered everywhere.

I am to blame for the enormous containers of food on the counters and kitchen table.  I didn’t have time to put the Costco food away after returning home today.  It would never occur to the kids to put anything away.  I have failed as a mother.

I can’t believe how much continual effort it takes to keep the tide that is my children from continually depositing debris everywhere upon the shore that is my house.  I need a clone of myself who can devote herself to being a housekeeper since I clearly am overwhelmed.

And with that, I’m gathering up the pile of snotty tissues by my keyboard and throwing them in the full trashcan and going to bed.

Tomorrow is another day.  I hope.

4 thoughts on “Nothing stays put away ever

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re still not feeling well, but I have to ask. Why did you give up Diet Coke? I don’t think I could ever do that.


  2. PMS AND giving up Diet Coke? What’s wrong with you! Even I know that’s too much on a woman! LOL… I love it that things “spring from their rightful places” into your floor too… at least now I know I’m not the only one with that problem! Hugs


  3. been reading (lurking) and linking you to my page so i can check for updates.hope you don’t mind. can not remember how i got here in the first place, but always have enjoyed reading. i hope that this w/end saw you get some rest from the nasty turned ugly cold. fall is a bad time of year (any time is a bad time of year) for a cold. take care and drop by. poet.


  4. Hey mel,

    Popped over here when I saw that you were giving up dietnaked… and wanted to leave a comment here because I think you sound like a great mom and you should give yourself more credit! At the end of the day, I would rather have a happy and active 8 year old than a clean kitchen anyway. Feel better!


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