Streaming conscious nonsense

August has arrived.  You know what this means, right?  Only a month until school starts.

Time to start hoarding school supplies.

Time to sort through clothing that no longer fits the kids.

Time to buy school shoes.

Time to begin mourning the loss of long sunlit evenings.

The green grass has turned sharp and brown.  The spider webs dangle in every corner.  The leaves on the dying tree in the backyard already litter the patio.

My inconsiderate daughter insisted on being born on Labor Day.  This year, her birthday is on the first day of school.  I have to start planning her birthday party.  Soon.  Today.  Yesterday.  Tomorrow.  Soon.

My husband is flying to California on Friday.  He is in the process of interviewing for a job.  In California.  One day soon I’ll be able to explain more, but in the meantime . . . well, I can’t say a thing.

I took the kids to see “Despicable Me” in 3D today.  I hate how much 3D movies cost.  I feel like a grinch opting for the regular movie . . . but yikes.  It cost me $57 for tickets.  That’s nuts.

Anybody want to help me sort through and purge the closets?


My life would be greatly simplified if my closet contained only one size of clothes.  Seriously.

I saw a young woman eat a Kit-Kat in church yesterday.  She broke off one piece and then nibbled the sides off, up one side and down the other.  I found the sight quite distracting and so did the woman sitting in front of me.

All I really want is to be alone in my house for a few days.  Is that so much to ask?

Well, that’s not really all I want.  I also want a Honda FIT.  And I want some red, white and blue Chuck Taylors.

I bought a Food Saver for $10 at Value Village.  They are on sale at Costco for $150, so I feel quite smug about this purchase.

The end.

6 thoughts on “Streaming conscious nonsense

  1. Um, you didn’t say if you liked Despicable Me.

    I refuse to shell out extra for 3D.

    This year I have been to the movies more times than I have any other year – 6, I think. Yeah for me! So far, Inception and Book of Eli have been my favorites. I hope to see The Other Guys this week. I have a innocent crush on Mark Walberg. Anyone that remembers Good Vibrations can understand why. Sigh.

    Ouida Gabriel


  2. Ah the Time Traveler’s Wife was not so good. In my opinion of course. But now I am reading “The Help” by Stockett. I am actually listening to it on cd. I drive places I dont even need to go to just to listen to more. You should read or listen it. I would say it is an excellant soccer diversion. I have done my time on the soccer side lines – ugh!


  3. California? Is this good news that he has an interview there…errr…here? I have to be selfish and say that I hope it’s good news for you, and that you come down here, and that it’s close to where I live, and that we can finally meet up! I know, I know, there’s a lot more to life than meeting someone who frequents your blogs, but hey…gotta be honest! Do tell as soon as you can!

    Had to laugh at the image of the KitKat eating girl. I have to wonder sometimes if folks think being in church is like being at the movies….


  4. You ask for a lot, don’t you! You want help purging your closets – you want some days at home; alone – you want red, white, and blue Chuck Taylors.

    Good thing you are blogging about all this – before you know it, all these things, and much more – will be ancient history.

    I know – I just came home from shopping at a large antique mall where I saw dozens of things I used to have. Made we wonder where the time went, since I’m not really that old. I kid about being old, but it’s only because I have SO many memories of things, people, events, and places that have touched my life. Sometimes it causes me to break into laughter; but other times, I want to cry. So much is gone – treasure the moments you have now.


  5. I am with ya…I want to retire…I want enough money to pay my house off…then I would….yeah like that will happen…oh well, thankful the good Lord has given me the health to work!
    I do not want to live with my kids…mercy…I would rather be poor & work…ha ha


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