The power of boredom

I feel a little bit sorry for my kids because I am a boring mother this week.  And I believe in the power of boredom.  Eventually, they’ll entertain themselves.  I hope.

It’s impossible, really, to entertain kids when you are working full-time.  Besides that, I used up all my creative powers of entertainment during my first ten years of motherhood.  I used to do all sorts of arts and crafts with my absolutely disinterested and impatient boys . . . my poor daughter is quite crafty and it doesn’t even occur to me to try!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll unveil some modeling clay or paints or something.  The poor kid only has a kid-sized pool, a gigantic play-system (swings, slide, playhouse), ten thousand stuffed animals, a Wii, eight million books, miscellaneous plastic toys and a partridge in a pear tree.

Next week, my two youngest will head to VBS.  The 12-year old will be helping and the 7-year old will be participating and it will be awesome except for the part where I have to deliver them by 9 a.m.  (I am Sleepy Beauty and this will really cramp my summer style.)

Anyway, so, they are a little bored this week.

Next week we’ll all be tired and then the following week they can go back to being bored.

One thought on “The power of boredom

  1. I have been the same way this week. It’s been too hot to go to the park or do anything outside and their behavior has been awful because we’re stuck inside. But, they have been making little houses out of boxes and figuring out stuff to do so it’s working out. I still want to run away sometimes.



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