Memories of the way we were . . . last week

We had the most glorious weather while we were at Long Beach last week.  I’d tell you more except that we enjoyed such a peaceful, boring time there’s not much to report.

I managed to read a novel and a half (out of five that I optimistically brought with me).  The kids had fun . . . the sun actually shone and on Wednesday, our Beach Day, the sand felt hot on our bare feet, which is a remarkable event here in Washington State.

Now, we’re back at work.

The kids are back at video games.

The cats can’t stop meowing.

And it’s so late that I am once again contemplating buying Sheer Cover makeup from this informercial!

5 thoughts on “Memories of the way we were . . . last week

  1. Beautiful picture! Looks like you were out in the middle of the water taking it. You picked the best week, weather wise, to be there! Amazing, for once, to have such warmth at the ocean.

    Did you see a bear? I wanna know more………………


  2. what a wonderful shot!

    I know what ya mean, that stupid bare minerals looks so interesting and what could be easier than polishing one’s own face instead of grandmaws silver

    more photos please 🙂 and thank you


  3. What a beautiful picture. No matter how hectic the day is, when you see such a pretty picture, you can’t help but stop and take a few minutes of peace. Way to go Melodee. I’m glad you got to take a few minutes for yourself! (P.S. – The rage over Tina the Pug is very amusing!)


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