My last ever First Grade Beach Day

Today was my youngest child’s school Beach Day.

I’m starting to notice the things I’ll never do again.  For instance, I’ll never again give birth, attend kindergarten orientation, or sign up my child to play T-ball.  These things have rolled past me just like that soccer ball rolled past the British goalie.  (You might know what I mean.  Let’s just say that guy couldn’t hold on.)

I can’t hold on.  Some things dissipate just after you’ve decided to inspect them.  You’re left grasping air in your fists.

Today I went to Beach Day.

My last first grade Beach Day.

I tried to be sad about it, but I went to my first first grade Beach Day ten years ago.  I have mixed feelings or maybe I’m in denial.  I am aware, though, that this day was the end of a chapter.  Or maybe just the end of a paragraph.

But, let’s not fret.

Here are a few things I have yet to do:

1)  Post bail.
2)  Attend a high school graduation featuring my kids.
3)  Teach my children to drive a car.
4)  Drive my kid to college and leave him/her there.
5) Cry over my empty nest.

Here are things I cannot quit doing:

1)  Laundry.  Countless loads of balled up socks and clothes that collapsed right next to the hamper.
2)  Cooking dinner.  One of my teens informed me that placing chicken in the Crock-Pot and turning it on is not “technically” cooking.  I suggested that perhaps he would like to cook dinner?
3)  Staying up too late.
4)  Worrying.
5)  Leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

The end.

4 thoughts on “My last ever First Grade Beach Day

  1. Don’t blink, because you’ll be facing the last high school graduation before you know it! Just as you think you might be a bit mopey at the ‘last’ something, though, something ELSE pops up to take its place. It never ends.

    And plopping a chicken in the Crock-Pot and turning it on is, too, cooking 🙂



  2. Agree with Helen. Love, love, love my crock pot and it’s never turned out a raw chicken yet. Dinner is what seems like a never-ending task to me. At my age, it’s hard to think of something to cook that doesn’t bore me silly because I’ve cooked it so many times. And I think you’re one step ahead of most of us since you’re aware of the “last times” as they pass by. But with a first grader, you’ve got lots of great “firsts” ahead of you.


  3. Love your blog! Laughed out loud about the crock pot! I couldn’t live without mine 🙂 With 2 busy teenage boys the crock pot is my savior…never thought I’d say that.


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