Raining, pouring, old man snoring, etc.

Well, that weekend went by fast.

Saturday found me and Grace at a baby shower.  Fun times.  I won both baby shower games because deep down inside this unassuming housewife exterior is a fierce competitor who does not truly know how to play for fun.  I play to win.  Which is mostly why I avoid playing at all.  I do hate to lose.  So, to avoid losing, I don’t play.  Well, I do play baby shower games, but I don’t play other games, including competitions that are not exactly games but that leave someone standing there feeling like a loser.  (“Someone” meaning me.)

Anyway, after the baby shower, Grace and I drove ten minutes up to Wild Waves where we spent our first day this season at the waterpark.  Thank God I brought along a wool blanket and wore a sweater and jeans because it was cold.  Cold, as in fifty-five degrees.  Where, oh where is summer?

Grace didn’t care, though.  She frolicked and hurried from area to area to jump and slide and swim and float.  She possesses boundless energy.  After two hours, I convinced her to leave because I was cold.  And bored.  But mostly cold.

After returning home, I drove my teenagers to spend the night at their friend’s house.

Sunday morning, we went back to Wild Waves, this time with Zach and my husband.  The three of them wore swimsuits and swam and floating and slid into the warmish water, but I sat and huddled in my fleece, happy not to be underwater.  I did ride a rollercoaster twice and then let Zach ride it six more times by himself because I am too old to ride a rollercoaster eight times in a row.

The temperature reached 60 degrees on our way home.  Sixty degrees!  And it was raining pretty good, too, by the time we left.

Today we went shopping.  Someone (not me) got new suits.  Someone (not me) got new dollies.  Then someone (me) whipped up a German Potato Salad to take to a barbecue.  Someone (not me) went to the movies.

At the barbecue, lo and behold, the sun came out!  We sat in the sun, squinting in our sunglasses at each other, visiting and shocked at the appearance of the sunshine.  I think it might have reached seventy degrees.

The rain is expected to return.

We have two more weeks of school.  I can’t believe another school year is ending.

I also can’t believe I said this phrase today to one of my children:  “You really need to shave before you go.”

Life is getting weird.

6 thoughts on “Raining, pouring, old man snoring, etc.

  1. I went to my hometown in Grays Harbor County with my son and youngest grandson on Saturday, planning on a trip-down-Memory-Lane day because my son had never been there before. Only to get a phone call from my daughter as we sat down to eat to let me know we’d sprung a leak in the basement. Son, grandson, and I ate a relatively leisurely lunch, but that put the kabosh on enjoying the rest of the day so we headed home. But prior to lunch we went to the lake on the outskirts of town where I spent a lot of my best memories. What a thrill to watch my little grandson frolic around. And the sun even managed to ALMOST pierce the cloud cover. And the only rain that fell was misty. A MIRACLE in that country at this time of year, ha!


  2. I never realized you had an ‘original blog’…I’ve been snoopy and went to read the “About You” section. So I clicked and scanned down the first page. You mentioned liking made-up words. So do I, and my favorite is one my daughter came up with: chill-laxing. A combo of chilling and relaxing.


  3. Just reporting that someone (me) is up and running because someone else (not me) left for work at 6.

    And, yes, reminding your child to shave does feel weird….



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