Silent Arguments

I wrote this article for  (It used to be a magazine and now it’s a website.)

It’s all about why I don’t bother to argue with my husband anymore.

I just thought you’d like to know.  All three of you who still read my blog.  🙂

8 thoughts on “Silent Arguments

  1. Wait ’til you’re married almost 36 years. You get to the point you’re so comfortable with each other and read each other’s thoughts so much, you might as well BECOME the other one, haha! The household I grew up in was fraught with bickering, silent treatments, grudges held on to like Scrooge held on to his money, and my mother’s misery. Her misery made us all miserable! I vowed to myself early on that when and if I got married I’d NEVER EVER NEVER have a life like that with a man!!!!! And I haven’t. Not to say we don’t have ‘our moments’ because we do, but at this stage it’s kind of like, “Oh well, let’s get over it and get it done with”. And we do. The more we age, the more we come to realize life’s too short to clutter it with strife.


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