How to spend a Saturday

How to spend a Saturday:

1)  Sleep in.  Ignore aching hip and wacky dreams.

2)  When husband returns home with lacrosse-playing son, make plans to see movie.  Without kids.  Later.

2)  Shop for Zhu Zhu pets with daughter.  Buy Papa Murphy’s pizza for later.

3)  Stop by Baskin-Robbins to buy ice-cream for very insistent and maybe, slightly spoiled daughter.

4)  Return home to realize kids must be shuttled around, thus we cannot get away to a movie. Cancel hot date.

5)  Accept husband’s suggestion to go out anyway.  Alone.

6)  Buy Yankee candles on sale with a coupon at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Buy dustpan to replace the one shattered breaking up a cat fight.

7)  Browse books at Goodwill.  Find six to buy.  Tell self that it’s not that bad–$16 for all.  Plus, discover new-looking Black & Decker food processor to replace old broken one.  Only $5.99!

8)  Answer phone.  Agree to bring husband a Heath Bar Blizzard.

9)  Buy two Blizzards.  And onion rings.  Write diet blog confession in head while driving and eating onion rings.  And slurping up Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard.

10)  Deliver teenage boys (and one friend) to church for an overnight event but first, stop by store to buy potato chips and Mountain Dew for event.

11)  Return home.  Clean kitchen.  Again. Order replacement part for food processor and curse $11.95 shipping and handling charge.

12)  Attend online meeting about registering teens for virtual high school classes next fall.  Take notes.

13)  Put pizza in oven.

14)  Squint at computer screen while writing blog post.

15)  Climb under blanket and read until midnight. (Or watched saved episode of ’24’.)

Between every number on this list, do laundry: either fold, sort, wash, dry or put away.

The End.

5 thoughts on “How to spend a Saturday

  1. Man that made me tired! You didn’t ask but I’ll tell
    Sat. I slept in till 6:30
    drank 3 cups of coffee while reading a few chapters of a “how to” book
    put clothes on
    went to Crawfish Festival in Spring TX
    ate Boudain balls, funnel cake
    went to The Woodlands Martket St- saw someart booths
    Wrote 3 poems
    went to BBque at a kids house
    went to bed at 11
    See it evens out- You almost all work and Me almost all play
    And today will be a great day!


  2. So you got to go out by yourself? That is awesome! I am learning to take my husband up on his offers to go out alone. Yesterday my husband took the children out front for about 40 minutes. (They had to go somewhere as it has been wet out and the back looks like a mud pit, not to mention they have been inside the house for about 5 days). When they came in he apologized becuase they had not been out very long and I didn’t get much time alone. I had to laugh and I asked him “Are we keeping track now?” It may have only been 40 minutes but it was 40 minutes without the 5 younger ones talking all at once to me. For some reason that is the number one way to make me snap – talk to me all at once and see how fast my head explodes 😉


  3. Do you ever wonder why on Saturday mornings when you can sleep in the kids never do? This past Saturday was the first time in over a month we had nothing or no where to be early. Our 9yo decided he was going to get up at 6AM. He never gets up at 6AM, I have to drag him out of bed during the week at 7:30 for school. Oh well, I sure did have alot done by noon. And I treasure this time because it all flies by so fast.


  4. I read the entire thing, then noted “the high schoolers are coming home for school next year?!” Is that right?

    Sounds kinda crazy over there, Mel. You need to give your friend, Claire in Southern California, a visit, where she will kick her daughter out of her room so that her friend can sleep in on Saturday as late as she wants, then go to movie with said friend. 🙂


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