To Do List

Take daughter to school.
Clear all carpets for carpet cleaner’s arrival.
Wake up teenagers.
Buy:  Doorknob, lightbulb, school binder, five subject spiral bound notebook.
Figure out what to make for dinner.
Launder clothes.
Wonder why I didn’t get more done.
Consider shopping for more shoes.
Help teenagers with algebra.
Pick up kids, drive kids around, tell kids to be quiet.
Take kids to activities.
Fix dinner.
Meet with Community Group.
Work for three hours.
Drop into bed and wonder again why I haven’t finished writing that novel.

I love the word “launder.”

That is all.

What’s on your To Do List?

One thought on “To Do List

  1. Today March 15th
    It is the first day of Spring Break! Yea for me. But there is plenty to do….
    Secretary for work is out so make sure temp is doing her job
    Launder Clothes
    Decide on Dinner
    Take dog to Vet
    Pick up last mintue items for trip
    Take rent car back
    Clean house
    Fix dinner
    Finish packing for trip
    Maybe bed by midnight.


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