Movie Reviews (sort of)

On Saturday, I saw two movies.

Crazy Heart is the story of a washed up country star played by Jeff Bridges.  He is nominated for an Academy Award.  It was not showing in the regular theater, but at the downtown independent theater.

It was well-worth seeking out.  I like a story of a character who finds redemption.

Then, I watched a movie at home on DVD.   I saw The Hurt Locker. Now, unlike Crazy Heart, The Hurt Locker did appear at the local multiplex last summer.  In fact, I suggested it to my husband, telling him it was getting really good reviews.  He rejected my suggestion and we saw some other forgettable film.  I have been mocking his choice in movies and harassing him about this ever since.

But now The Hurt Locker has been nominated for a bunch of Academy Awards.  So, I rented it to watch at home.

I hate watching movies on DVD at home.  Some people prefer watching movies at home, but those people apparently do not have teenagers prowling the house all night in search of snacks.  Those people do not have a 7-year old who gets out of bed to ask some inane question you’ve already answered three times.  Those people are not interrupted four or five times while watching a movie at home.

Or maybe they are but they just don’t mind.

I mind.  I mind a lot.

But I suffered through the experience because I just had to see this movie before the Academy Awards.  And it was excellent, I’m happy to report.  While rated R for violence (hello, it’s a war movie) and language (very strong, not appropriate for my teenagers, at least), it was a gripping, non-partisan depiction of a soldier who loves his job defusing bombs.  Great movie.  I’ll even go see it in the theater if it appears there again (sometimes movies open again in theaters after Academy Award nominations or awards).

I’m on my quest to see all the movies nominated for Best Picture (I’ve seen almost all of them) and the performances by actors nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress.

Hey, a girl’s got to have a hobby.

Tomorrow (or maybe the next day), I’m going to tell you about some memoirs I’ve been reading.  I know.  You can hardly wait.

Calm down.  I’ll be back.

6 thoughts on “Movie Reviews (sort of)

  1. I always enjoy your movie reviews. The Hurt Locker sounds like something my husband and I would both like. And I love memoirs and biographies — so, yes, I can hardly wait!


  2. Ah yes. By the time both kids are in bed, it’s nearly 9 pm and too late to start-and finish-a movie. Plus, the 9-year-old likes to get up and down and ask questions, tell us the TV is too loud, she needs some water….one day, maybe, we will get to start and finish a movie in the same evening. I wonder when.


  3. I love watching DVD’s at home in my own chair…. Or better yet, in bed snuggled up next to my sweetie! I’m sure I would feel like you if the kids were around disrupting it.

    Keep up the good reviews!


  4. ALL those movies and reading, too? AND time for laundry and cooking? AND working 40 hours per week (as if laundry and cooking, etc. is not work…..)

    What do you DO when you have a free moment? Take time to breathe even?

    I am amazed. But appreciative that you keep up with all that is going on. I enjoy these movies through your eyes. Saves me the movie money, but I have the popcorn.


  5. Loved the Hurt Locker. I didn’t know who Jeremy Renner was so I looked him up. Through a link of a link I eventually landed at Youtube. There is a video of Jeremy on Jimmy Fallon where he sings “New York State of Mind”. Melts a girls heart I tell you.

    I also found it refreshing that Hurt Locker didn’t bash our military. It showed a real side of what our soldiers go through – physically and mentally. If you can handle it, there is a documentary called Brothers At War. It was excellent. There were some inappropriate scenes (the filmmaker peeing in a bottle but you don’t see anything) and lots of cussing but boy, it was excellent to see real soldiers and their thinking about what they do for America. My husband served in the Navy, his father is a lifer from the Navy, his grandfather, uncle and our nephew all served as well. I’m obviously a supporter of our military!


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