Are you a lurk?

No, seriously, I know there’s no such thing as a lurk.  But there are lurkERS and I think that there may be some lurkers on this blog.

Ha ha ha.  Really, I know I used to have a lot of readers and lurkers and now I’m just shouting into the universe–okay, just shouting into the backyard into the shadows where the raccoons lurk.  It makes me kind of sad because I used to feel surrounded by people who understood me or who empathized or who laughed at my lame jokes.  Now?  Just standing in my pajama pants shouting into the backyard.

As I said, sad.

So, what are you reading these days, Mel?

Oh, I’m reading Donald Miller’s Searching for God Knows What.  Whenever I read Donald Miller I always wonder what it would be like to be a single guy gallivanting around the country.  Then I’m sort of jealous and think that I could write books, too, if only I had time to gallivant instead of making dinner every single night and making sure everyone has clean underpants.  Oh, to have time to think!  The luxury!   I doubt he even has an inkling what a luxury it is to think and write and sleep.  (I know.  I sound rather bitter.)

Before that, I read Mary Karr’s Cherry, which I did not love, but I wanted to read because it bridges the gap between her first memoir (The Liar’s Club) and her most recent (Lit).

Before that, Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle.  I loved that story.

(Interesting tidbit:  Both Mary Karr and Jeannette Walls first memoirs were edited by Nan Graham.)

What are you reading?

And are you lurking?

Will you speak up?

And now, off to bed I go.  And it’s not even 2 a.m. yet.  My job is depriving me of sleep.

But I did send off all my Christmas letters, so there’s that.

27 thoughts on “Are you a lurk?

  1. AND I got one of your treasured letters! Even though it cost 44 cents to send it to me – I appreciated getting it. I needed to have some laughs and be reminded of how quickly the seasons pass.

    For my 4th read of the new year (the latest copy of Readers Digest and one whole devotional with a page for each day probably don’t count, do they?) I’m trying to get into Philip Yancey’s WHAT’S So Amazing About Grace.

    Don’t guess I would be considered a lurk, but I did see a spider in my bathroom tonight. Does that count for something? The fact that it got away makes me want to shout to the universe – if only that would do any good. Instead now, I’ll just be on the look-out for the elusive spider. Yuck!


  2. I’m a lurk 🙂 came over here when the Diet Naked was quiet (I did comment there before, just not on the newer posts, they are too close to home to want to acknowledge lol).

    The lurk comment makes me think of a punctuation illustration in a highschool text book. “Danger lurks at every corner” could become “Danger! Lurks at EVERY corner!”

    Reading: The Harry Potter series for the first time (succumbing to sibling and friend peer pressure, sister just made me watch all the films with her as I’d only seen 3 & 4 before).

    Also about to read Jasper Fforde’s new one Shades of Grey. (And one day the million other books that are piled on the bedside and residing on shelves waiting for me to get to them.)


  3. I’m a lurker. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year I think.

    I’m not much of a commenter but that’s because I don’t think anything I might say would make a hill of beans of difference in the world.

    But, I do enjoy reading what you write.

    As far as Esther’s comment goes, here’s what I do (and it’s worked)… first spider you find, squash it. Then leave it where you squashed it. All it’s other spider relatives will come upon the dead carcass of the squished spider and realize that it could happen to them too and will leave accordingly. Everyone laughs when I tell them this hint, but everyone comments on how I never have any more spiders.


  4. Esther, you still need to blog. I know, I know…I sound like a broken record. My stats plug along at a steady rate but I still have the most horrible time getting lurkers/readers to speak up even when I ask them to. What, am I THAT intimidating?!? Haha! Oh well, again I sound like a broken record but I’m writing it for my grandboys and me. I’d say eventually the two most important readers will be them. Oh, and thru Facebook I’ve recently come in contact with a niece who’s a virtual stranger to me and we are getting acquainted. I’m still debating as to whether I’ll give my blog addy to her or not. Good luck, Mel…hope you get a lot of lurkers to come out of the proverbial woodwork!


  5. Is today anti-lurker day or something? haha! I’m only a part-time lurker! While I do read everything you have been putting out on your blog, I don’t comment on everything, but I do…at times! 🙂 I’m not reading anything. I have The Lost Symbol staring at me, but I’m not in a reading mood lately (could be the endless sinus infections & their headaches though).

    Have a wonderful weekend Mel!


  6. I guess I’m a part-time lurker, too. I only comment occasionally. I’m reading Dragon House by John Shors. It’s his third book. Can’t decide if it’s my favorite because I love all of his books. He’s amazing.


  7. I think I’m mostly a lurking raccoon. I start to comment on many blogs, but then think “Ah…never mind, they don’t want to hear that.” 🙂

    Right now I’m reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.


  8. My fear is that I comment too much. Especially on those occasions when I’m up too late and have had waaay too much caffeine.

    I’m reading “The Final Season – Father’s, Sons, and One Last Season in a Classic American Ballpark” – by Tom Stanton.

    My Detroit Tiger baseball loving 25 year old son recommended it to me and I am loving it.


  9. Well Mel, What is a lurker???? I’ve been reading for 5 years, but haven’t commented in a couple. Have a re lurked????

    Loved Searching for God Knows what… and The Glass Castle was one of my favorite books I read last year….


  10. We could form a club. I’ve always wondered how some bloggers get 1000 comments because they posted what they had for breakfast, and we feel lucky to get 2 comments no matter what we post… and one of those is usually one of US commenting to The Commenter.

    However, I can’t whine about lack of comments on our blog. I’m almost always a lurker on even the blogs I REALLY like due to sheer lack of time. But I do read!

    Just know that you have a fan club 🙂



  11. I am totally a lurker. I try to comment but most of the time it’s an epic fail.

    I’m not reading anything except blogs which is crazy. The book that’s waiting for me to start it is Hooking Up by Tom Wolfe.


  12. It depends on what room I’m in:

    Loby = the lost symbol, dan brown
    Hotel room = knockout, suzanne somers
    Home = self disclosure, liara m. covert
    At the Desk = Actual Unretouched Photo

    and it appears some have de-lurked 🙂


  13. I’m a lurker. I’m quiet and usually just enjoy reading don’t have much to say. I guess I should comment that I enjoy reading, so there you have it. 🙂

    I just finished World Without End, by Ken Follett.


  14. Can’t comment most of the time, have nothing good to add.

    Am reading The Handmaid’s Tale, Life of Pi and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

    Just blogged about my mom’s death and only got a few comments. I know you don’t blog for comments, it’s a good thing I don’t!!!

    Most people just don’t comment!!! Like me!


  15. I am a lurker, I confess, both blogs. Right now I am lucky to read a magazine, and yesterday I did, it was “Oprah”. Often when I tell someone that, they say that they don’t like her. I tell them I like her fine, but she is only in it for three pages and the magazine is great. There, no more lurking today. I love your blogs, I get a good laugh, or a good thought to ponder.


  16. I’m guilty. I’m a long-time lurker. I do often refer to your reading list, and have read several that you’ve read. My kids are grown and out, and hardly ever call, so I now have plenty of time to think. Your day will come….but I hope they’re better at calling. I go through the same thing with my Christmas letter. Have often thought of purposely making it a Valentine greeting! More fun, less stress! Sounds like a plan.


  17. I’m reading Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhonda Janzen.
    It’s cold, but warmer than it was.
    I tried Mary Karr, but couldn’t get into her memoir, either. She’s a good speaker.


  18. Since I no longer blog regularly, I find I also am not so good at commenting.

    I have 35 or so blogs where I am a committed lurker. This includes two of your blogs.

    I am also a full time student now. So, I am reading whatever the coursework requires I read. I miss reading things that don’t require analysis afterward.


  19. Have you ever noticed how “lurker” just sounds so dirty? Like it’s a bad thing? lol. Anyway…DE-lurking to let you know I’m still reading…just not commenting. Business is good and I’ve only got time to delurk on special occasions. 🙂


  20. Yes, yes, yes, I’m a lurker. Many times, due to my schedule, I find myself catching up on several days worth of posts at one time. But keep writing them, ’cause I’m reading them.

    And, I just finished a book called “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss, M.D. – it rocked my basic belief system, and so now I am doing some searching inside.

    Happy New Year!


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