Christmas is over. Now, I want daffodils.

I have no patience for January.  Even though it’s my birthday month (forty-five coming up on the 28th–mark your calendars), I have never been particularly fond of this month.  After the Christmas decorations are put away, I want spring to spring forth and cheer me up with daffodils.  I don’t want to live through the grim gray days of rain.

But what choice is there?  You can’t wish away a whole month, nor a season.  I’ve never found a way to leap over an unpleasant monotony.  You just have to become conscious and walk through the day, sometimes inch by inch.  Whatever it takes.

I wish I were more of a cheery type, the kind of woman who bursts with optimism and celebrates the little moments.  That’s the person I expected to be when I read all those parenting books before I had kids.  I’d have a meticulous house with a calendar chock-full of events and activities and happenings.  And I’d wear a flouncy apron.

As it turns out, though, I’m kind of glum, especially during January.  Christmas is over and I start worrying about taxes and birthdays (three of my kids have upcoming birthdays) and remaking myself into the image of the Person I Ought To Be.  (That always involves exercise and often features self-deprivation.)  I dream of reading more, paying attention better and getting more done.

But really?  I’m just waiting for daffodils.

(Note to self:  Please get your Christmas New Year’s Valentine’s Day letter in the mail today.)

7 thoughts on “Christmas is over. Now, I want daffodils.

  1. Me too. I want to be cheery… but you’re absolutely right, there’s really nothing cheery about the span between New Year’s day and the arrival of spring.

    May you have a very happy birthday in spite of it all – and may your daffodils arrive early.


  2. Our amarillis is blooming. The forced hyacinths are two inches tall, budding greenly. But my mood is sliding downward as we continue through a week where the temp has not and will not hit 30.
    On the bright side, I’ve read a book for our book club plus two others, a feat unacheived in any month of 2009, although I read through the NRSV in a year.
    Someone get me a stylus fir this pesky screenlet!


  3. Want to skip the January gloom? Move to sunny Hawai’i. Wanna stay in the states? Move to sunny Florida. Other than that, as my old Marine Corps drill instructor used to tell me, “quit your whining and suck it up.”


  4. I’m glad you’re kind of glum. I’m not into bursting optimism. And, Daffodils sound divine! January bites. Apparently, so does my ability to blog consistently. Bah!


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