I’m either lazy or completely unrealistic. Or maybe just sleep-deprived.

I feel like I ought to be doing more.  I have this idea that I should never lounge around, doing nothing, especially when there are things that need to be done.  How can I rest when my kitchen floor is filthy and the dishes aren’t washed?  Not that I don’t rest.  I do.  I just feel horrible guilt for doing nothing when I could be doing something.

I want to accomplish more but the days get away from me like an inflated balloon released before it’s tied.  I bet you were picturing a balloon gently floating into the sunlit sky, but no.  It seems that’s how a day ought to disappear, a gentle lift toward the horizon, but my days careen in a crazy orbit leaving a mess behind.

Is it just me?  Why can’t I seem to keep up?   At time like these, I tell myself that the Key to Success is decluttering.  If only I threw away all the old magazines I will never read, my life would sit quietly and stop barking at me.

A girl can dream–but only if she sleeps.  Good-night.

4 thoughts on “I’m either lazy or completely unrealistic. Or maybe just sleep-deprived.

  1. Oh, you and me both! I just finished a big, big project two weeks ago, and I am trying now to clear up all that I was ignoring for the last several months. And boy, I just don’t wanna!! And there is always so. much. to. do. Sigh.


  2. Some weekends my husband and I wander around our house and comment on how in the past we could blame it on the kids.

    We have met the enemy.., well.., you know the rest…


  3. Hmm, I have the opposite problem– I look at the chaos building around me and don’t feel guilty enough as I drink my coffee and read blogs… I think you are right, decluttering is the key– so maybe I will sign off and go do some. Ugh.


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