Officially, it’s tomorrow already

So, I have the day off tomorrow and consequently, will spend the day cooking an entire Thanksgiving feast.  I will have some help from teenagers and my mom is bringing over pie and Cranberry Fluff (which involves whipping cream, real cranberries, sugar, marshmallows, and, uh, maybe pineapple?).

My husband will be watching football and perhaps watching me work but that is okay with me.  He deserves to relax and watch football.  Plus, then he’ll owe me and when I want to go and see a movie sometime in the next few days, I will go without feeling guilty!  All part of my master-plan to dominate the world.  Or manipulate the world.  Or something like that.  Really, it’s just part of my master-plan to see many movies.

Last Thanksgiving, my two youngest kids raved about the rolls.  “Oh, Mom, these are the BEST ROLLS EVER.”

They were Pillsbury Crescent Rolls in a can.  I have made real yeast rolls before, let them rise and baked them at just the right time . . . but my kids are all about rolls in a can.  So, rolls in a can it is and forevermore shall be.

Usually I do some preparation the day before . . . you know, chop onions and celery and consider what time the turkey should go into the over.  This year I am utterly unprepared, though I do have a thawed turkey in the fridge.  I had to work tonight from 8 p.m. until midnight . . . before that, I cleaned up the kitchen and served dinner (Taco Soup, thanks for asking) and read The Road in preparation for seeing the movie this weekend.  (I love that book.)

Before that, I worked from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. . . . and before that, I cleaned . . . before that, I did the second day of Couch to 5K and (this is important) . . . I DID NOT DIE.

In fact, I am less sore than I was yesterday, so that’s good.

Before that, I took my daughter to school. That takes us back to 9 a.m.

So, there you go.  A backwards glance at my day and the reason that I have done not one single thing to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  We’re not eating until 3 p.m., so there is plenty of time to chop and sweat and figure out exactly what order to do things.

Perhaps I’ll even make a list so I don’t leave the cranberry sauce in a can sitting in the cupboard.  (My husband is the only one who eats that stuff.)

Oh, and because you want to know . . . my stuffing is created from bread cubes, butter, sauteed onions and celery, chicken broth and raisins and green olives.  It’s quite delicious.

Really, the key to Thanksgiving is lots and lots and lots of butter.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S.  While proof-reading this, I REALIZED I DON”T HAVE A SINGLE RAISIN IN MY HOUSE.  What am I to do?  (I might substitute Craisins.  Sigh.  It’s always something.)

7 thoughts on “Officially, it’s tomorrow already

  1. Me, too. A huge bag of them. Maybe if I get in my little red truck right now — it’s just past 6 am — I might get up there and hand-deliver them, then make it home in time for MY dinner, haha! Nah…just kidding. Don’t you LOVE me?! Anyway, it’s just Dear Hubby, me and our daughter…possibly a neighbor girl who grew up with my kids and is like another one of the family. So…we’re having make-yourself deli sandwiches, jell-o salad, relish tray, meatballs in the crock pot, a couple of pies, chips and salsa. Simple, simple, simple! This morning Dear Hubby and I are heading out to Carlton so he can shoot targets at the archery range for a couple of hours and I can READ!!!! Got a big bag of books to take along to figure out what catches my eye. Dinner? Whenever! It couldn’t be a more perfect Thanksgiving as far as I’m concerned! I know I dropped in last nite, but Happy Thanksgiving to you again, my bloggy-friend-and-almost-neighbor. (((((HUG)))))


  2. So sorry I’m late with this…

    Here’s a holiday baking tip from MY house.

    Need raisens? Lots of them?

    No need to fear!

    Lift up a few couch cushions and there should be enough for any holiday baking for which they are called!

    So glad I could help, even if I’m late.

    Of course, there’s a slight chance your home is cleaner than mine.

    Okay. A BIG chance.


    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. How did the craisins turn out? Or did you manage to get raisin? I think my kids would kill me if I didn’t make my stuffing (with raisins and apple pie filling)! What is taco soup? Sounds easy and good!

    Hope you had a wonderful day with your family! Ours was quiet and relaxing with just the four of us. 🙂


  4. Craisins sound pretty good! How did it turn out? Our visit to your neck of the woods was great! We managed to hit some good weather this time too. It was gorgeous! (Unlike the trip we made in July when the heat nearly suffocated us!) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


  5. We had fluff when I was a kid. I made it when I was pregnant with I think my second (living) child. I got sick as a dog when I ate it and never have touched it since.

    On another note I went to the theater this month by MYSELF! I thought of you the whole time. I hate going to the movies by myself but my husband said he didn’t want to go to see 2012 and even if he did, he was not going to leave the kids for that long. It’s not like we have a 19 year old daughter who could take care of them for a few hours (we do!). So I went by myself and honestly, I felt so good that I did. Who knew a few hours without 6 children underfoot talking their heads off could calm a mother down??? And I kept thinking “this is how Mel feels, no wonder she goes by herself!”.

    By the way, I loved 2012. Over the top yes but I enjoyed it.


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