I found out it was Thursday at 11:14 a.m. today

A day or two ago, my 11-year old son let me know that he needed a gray cape for school tomorrow. Why? Because he’s going to be “SuperZach” for Superhero Day at school. (Who makes these things up? Spirit Week? Why, why?)

That’s why I forgot to pick him and his friend up from school today. I completely lost my mind and drove to the fabric store under the foggy impression that today was Wednesday. My day to drive carpool is Thursday. So when my phone rang while I perused the sticker aisle at Joann Fabrics, I wondered why my neighbor might be calling me.

Her: “Hi, I couldn’t remember if we talked about pick-up today . . . my son has piano lessons and his teacher will be picking him up today . . . ”

Me: “Yes, but I thought that was on Thursday?”

Her: ” . . . ”

Me: “Oh.”

Her: “Today is Thursday.”

Me: “Oh no. I’m in the fabric store.”

So she had to drive out to the school to pick up my kid. Because I am befuddled and bewildered and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I ought to lose my Mom license. I’ve already lost my mind.

In other news, my first-grader has started reading fluently and her teacher told me during our conference today that all she really lacks is confidence in her abilities. Her only issue is her tendency to chat. A lot.

She’s my hula-hooping, boy-chasing, jump-roping, picture-drawing entertainment. Today, she got a fortune in her fortune cookie that read: “Soon you will receive something you’ve wanted for a long time.” And she started hopping around the kitchen singing, “I’m getting a baby sister! I’m getting a baby sister!”

What a hoot, that one.

p.s. The only way she’s getting a baby sister is if I die and my husband marries the Octomom.

4 thoughts on “I found out it was Thursday at 11:14 a.m. today

  1. Melodee – I just found your blog and I love it. I have a friend whose daughter at the time was 6yo asked Jesus and Santa Claus for a baby sister for Christmas….the although the baby sister did not arrive in time for Christmas – she arrived a later in August. It is now four years later and someone asked her the other day is she was wishing for another baby sister for Christmas this year….her reply “I learned my lesson on that on.”

    Have a blessed day.



  2. Ha! I wouldn’t wish the Octomom on your husband! Trust me, the forgetting to pick up thing…it’s happened to all of us at one time or another. Besides, you were in a FABRIC store…any woman can lose their mind when surrounded by gorgeous decorator bolts of deliciousness!


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