A list without numbers

I used to play the piano to relax and express myself.  Then I had kids.  Now I just scream and hole up in my room under the comforter I bought in North Carolina during one college summer.

I cannot tolerate macaroni and cheese or any other creamy pasta dishes.  The texture is just wrong.

I have no idea what happens to the time after midnight.  I look up at the clock and suddenly it’s 1:30 a.m. and I have no idea.  What have I been doing?

I wear socks and slippers inside my house year round.  Do you like me less now that you know that?

I would rather sleep in than go to a garage sale.  And I love garage sales.

My most recent bargain came from a thrift store.  I found one of those giant scrapbooking suitcase things, the one that costs fifty or a hundred dollars.  It cost me $7.00.  I guess it was relinquished because the handle is broken.  I figured out an alternative. Yes.  I “scrapbook.”  Go ahead, judge me.

I love to watch Jeff Lewis (“Flipping Out”) and all the “Real Housewives” (who aren’t really housewives) and Craig Ferguson.  And I really loved “NY Prep.”

My hair is driving me crazy.

A grayish sock has been hanging on my fireplace for . . . um, a long time.  I never notice it during daylight hours.

My neighbors just moved.  I never even met them.  I think they were military.  I feel kind of bad that I never met them.

I honestly cannot believe I thought I was busy in college.  I worked only sporadically, had no husband, no children and all I had to do was go to class and study.  Seriously.  That looks like an actual vacation now.  I’d pay money to do that.  Wait!  I did pay money to do that!

Now that my daughter’s birthday is coming up (the day before school–though the party is this Sunday) I remember why I wanted to give birth to her on September 10th, five days past my due date.  September 2 is a pretty inconvenient birthdate.  For moms, anyway.

I love magazines but don’t have time to read them.  So they stack up into unsteady piles.

I am in between novels which is a lot like being in a sailboat without wind or oars.  Not that I’ve been in a sailboat without wind or oars.  I would like to go sailing, however.

I would really like to be stranded in Tahiti.

We didn’t get up to Mt. Rainier and I can’t figure out how we can still go before snow falls.  I’m bummed about that.

I have a writing assignment due on September 1.  I haven’t yet started said writing assignment.  I’m a ‘do the next thing’ kind of girl and the assignment hasn’t floated to the top of the list yet.  But it’s pretty close.  Top of the list?  Prepare for Sunday’s birthday party.  And try not to die from the common cold.

I’ve been through almost half a box of the tissues I bought to send to the school.  It’s amazing how many school supplies we buy these days.

Today I yelled at my kids to stop yelling.  Which is kind of dumb.  I heard how dumb it was even while I was projecting my voice to out-shout them.

Now I am going to bed.  I hope I don’t wake up my sleeping husband.  Also?  I hope I fall immediately to sleep.  The common cold has been making sleep difficult this week.

I haven’t cooked a decent dinner all week.  I ought to be fired.

Fire me.


13 thoughts on “A list without numbers

  1. My granddaughter’s birthday is on September 2nd too. You’re right about it being an inconvenient date because we’ve yet to go be with her on her birthday. We don’t go anywhere on holiday weekends! It turns a three hour drive into an all day process… Why would we want to do that?


  2. Sweet Mel….

    You say in your blog so many true things that most of us squash back down and refuse to admit.

    Thank you.

    (who might feel better about life if she had spoken out more when she was your age)


  3. I spent almost $200 for school supplies for one 7th grader, including the fancy calculator they wanted (I downgraded it $40, since the lesser model is still serving my oldest son in college!) 8 spiral notebooks! 8! When she will only be taking six classes! Bah. Private school.

    I well remember the day I spanked my son to teach him not to hit his brother. I don’t think I’ve spanked since.

    Feel better! And there is nothing wrong with wearing socks and slippers in your house! Whole nations (Japan, China) do that routinely!


  4. Hi, I’m Cindy and I, too, were slippers and socks all year in my house. Even when its 90 out. Have to, don’t know why, I just do.

    Hope you feel better soon, parties and feeling icky don’t go well together.


  5. I agree–she’s a gifted writer.

    –at least you bought the tissues–while buying school supplies recently for my own five children and going over budget I secretly decided not to buy the tissues to save $ and now I’m waiting guiltily to hear if any of the teachers are going to call me out on that point. In all the hullaballoo of back to school, none of my kids inquired about that item so I just may have gotten away with it–not worth the guilt I might add.


  6. Oh, you crack me up with this post! I’d say,”Me too” to at least half of it.

    Today, I enjoyed the windows open as the weather cooled off a bit. It was wonderful except I wondered how loud we could get before the neighbors could hear us yelling or crying. :0)


  7. Wow, can I relate! I especially like your reference to college days. I had to buy school supplies for 30 kids (I teach fifth grade)!


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