A million little pieces

My life is like interlocking blocks in a Tetris game . . . all flipped and rotated just to pack more in.

I need some breathing space.  Some margin.

I don’t even have a hem I could let out at this point.

When I woke up this morning in a rush to get the kids to VBS, I told myself I could take a nap after I delivered them.  Instead, I cleaned and did some laundry and then it was time to pick them up again, so I could return home just in the nick of time for my phone conference and four hours of work.

My husband called during my work shift and said he’d take our daughter to the pool and our son to football so I could have three hours to myself.  What did I choose to do?  Shop?  Walk?  Drive around aimlessly?

No.  I took a nap.

When I woke up, four more hours of work.  Half an hour of pointless computer wandering and now, to bed, only to get up early to take the kids to VBS.  And what will I pack into the two and a half hours of time I’ll have in the morning?  A MILLION LITTLE PIECES.  That’s what.

6 thoughts on “A million little pieces

  1. I hear what you’re saying. To be able to get up at 3:15 every weekday morning I go to be between 7-7:30. By the time the grandboys leave around 5 pm, dinner prepared, kitchen cleaned up it’s at least 6:30. That leaves me at the most an hour for some relaxation time. Most evenings I come on with the intention of updating my blog, only to be so brain dead I go and play Linyca instead. I said to Dear Hubby last nite, “I know this insane schedule won’t last forever.” It’s the only thought that keeps me afloat.


  2. I don’t know how you do it. I’m cereal by 9pm my eyes are too heavy to lift and I’m almost snoring before I my head hits the pillow…

    oh that last comment of mine, I was most likely trying make a joke but as is par for my “trying” ability fell back on my bottom.


  3. This is life, at this stage of the game. Five years from now, the pieces will be different. Twenty years from now, different still. I just keep holding on to that thought, and writing down everything that’s going on right now because one day I will forget almost all of it.


  4. I came to read today because Blogger says you – and others on my list – have updated but none of the posts are showing up. Hence, I read these other comments and I just had to say I really like what Tom said. 35 years down the line since marriage and motherhood began and, in hindsight, I can say this guy has it figured out. What he says is so true.


  5. Yes…a million little pieces. It seems my life is scheduled and planned and re-scheduled and re-planned in 5 minute increments…

    You said it so well!


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