I should be asleep at this very moment

Tonight, I heard a loud crash while leaving T-ball practice.

Some teenage girls crashed a newer model car right into the garage door.  The funny thing was how they reacted.  One stood outside the car, hands over mouth.  The other got out, checked out the damage and sat back in the driver’s seat and began to talk on her cell phone.  A third ran back and forth into the back yard.  I have no idea.

I am grateful to not be a teenage girl who smashed a new car into the garage door.  I’m also glad not to be the parent of any of those girls.

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. I will be boarding a big yellow school bus.  I’ll be chaperoning the kindergarten field trip, along with a bunch of other hearty parents.  We are going to the Seattle Children’s Theater.  On a bus.  To Seattle.  (That’s an hour from here.)  Filled with loud children.

Oh dear.

5 thoughts on “I should be asleep at this very moment

  1. Oh, but how much fun when you observe the joy and wonder of it all thru their eyes! That’s what keeps me pushing 100 pounds worth of little boys, stroller, books, and groceries for several miles almost daily…to see the world thru Cooper’s and Dylan’s eyes. It makes all the aching joints and muscles all worthwhile.


  2. I went on a field trip with Granddaughter Kimmy’s kindergarten class. Once.

    What I still remember is not the noise, but what a short attention span they have.

    Have fun and be sure to report back to your anxious readers.


  3. How did it go? I’ve done that a lot of times…riding that big yellow bus with children… Honestly, the littler ones are the quieter of the bunch…usually!

    Hope it went really well!


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