Last summer, I read East of Eden (by Steinbeck) for the first time.  I read most of it while sitting at the pool, half-watching my kids swim.  When I think of last summer, I think of that glorious book.

The summer before, I read Soldier of the Great War (by Helprin).  What a fantastic story that was.  I even copied down some quotes from it.

This summer, I started my second reading of The Poisonwood Bible (Kingsolver).  I read it a long time ago, but remember how much I loved it.  I am so looking forward to reading it again.

What are you reading this summer?  I wish I could spend most of my days reading, but instead, I fit reading into the very small margins of my life.

Also.  Can anyone tell me who left a banana peel in my living room?

That is all.

12 thoughts on “Books

  1. Well, I have Elizabeth Berg’s and Jodi Picoult’s new books on hold at the library so they’re a couple of good – hopefully – reads ahead of me. I also have Christopher Buckley’s book about his parents on hold and I’m looking forward to reading that as well. Like you, I fit reading into a small corner of my life now instead of having it as one of my centers…oh, how I miss THOSE days, when I’d read at least a couple of books per week instead of maybe one or two a month! The times I get the most reading done are when I accompany Dear Hubby to a couple of different archery ranges he likes to target shoot at. He’ll wander thru the woods for a couple of hours while I read and snooze. No matter how good a book is, I still seem to drift off. Just tired, I guess.


  2. Same Kind of Different as Me-for the Second time. Everyone should read this book. It is a true story.

    Also, No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. This young, single woman author is teaching this 42 year old married mom a lot!


  3. I just finished a really interesting book called “The Heretics Daughter” but I can’t remember the author, it’s a take on the Salem witch trials. I’m also reading a series of mysteries by Rys Bowen. Molly Murphy is a detective in turn of the century New York.

    I tend to gravitate towards history and mysteries though I do like to throw in some current bestsellers to mix things up.


  4. I have no idea who left the banana peel and we’ll probably never know, will we? I also loved The Poisonwood Bible, as well as every other Barbara Kingsolver novel I’ve ever read. But I don’t have any high-falutin’ ideas for what to read this summer. It won’t have any dying children or women with breast cancer in it, that I can tell you.


  5. I hsven’t read any of those but was really wishing for a new book today. I have the Twilight series ones sitting here but just can’t pick the first one up.

    And I feel like such a big girl here as I am checking blogs for the first time via my NEW LAPTOP. Just sayin’.



  6. Oh, how I miss reading!! I used to read ALL the time. I have not read a single book since we moved into our house 6 years ago… Sad!


  7. I love time marked by good books. Since I love Poisonwood Bible and would love to read it again, I will tell you my summer reads right now, as you may like them too. I am mid- Eleanor & Franklin by Joe Lash, and also Animal Vegetable Miracle by our favorite Barbara Kingsolver.

    Here via 5 Minutes of Parenting via Beck. Nice to meet ya.


  8. I am reading The Color Purple by Alice Walker and The Associate by John Grisham right now.

    The Poisonwood Bible was a good read. I should read some Steinbeck, maybe that will be next!


  9. I just finished Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Justice and Redemption. I saw the authors speak to an exonerees’ conference (via C-span) about wrongful convictions that end in jail sentences.
    We have a legal system, not a justice system.


  10. I am rereading Julie and Julia, about the blogger who cooked all the recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I read it probably 3 years ago. I’m also reading Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott.


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