In which I complain a lot

The children.  They are driving me crazy.  The 6-year old wants to play with the 11-year old boy and his pals.  They tolerate her but only barely and so she cries periodically.  She insists on running around after them in the backyard and so her clothes are filthy and she fell on her knee.  Earlier, a bumblebee had the nerve to chase her around and she came in crying about that.  Weeping may last for an afternoon, but joy comes at bedtime.  (For mom anyway.)

The 11-year old boys are upstairs playing video games.  This activity involves screaming and yelling and bickering (with the 6-year old).  STOP HOLLERING.  Why must they screech?  They are boys.  I thought boys just wrestled until someone broke their arm?

The teenagers are in their room, arguing with each other.  Or talking.  I can hardly tell the difference.  You’d think that twins would be on the same wavelength, but they are fraternal twins, different in every way from their eyes (brown and blue) to their interests (reading and not reading) to their personalities.  And they left their lunch dishes in the family room.  Again.

One of them came in earlier to report to me that his new bike is  breaking down.  I was working at the time.  I already know about his issues with his bicycle . . . as soon as he got it, he started fiddling with the brakes and one thing led to another and now the bike needs to get to the shop.  This is an extremely low priority for me.  In fact, find my lowest priority (dusting?) and you’ll find “take bike to shop” beneath it.  I need to do it, though.  This week.  However, this boy would not stop repeating himself about the bike.  He disagreed with me, even when we were in total agreement.

Now, in the midst of this chaos, I am juggling my writing (I must send in my sample chapters and synopsis this week) and my full-time job (which is complicated by my computer which is driving me crazy).  Add to this the chores that keep a home running and you have me wishing I was running, too, far away from here.

How do people do this?  Work full-time, pursue outside interests, take care of children, keep a household running without looking like they let a tornado dry their hair?   (When I say “they”, of course I mean “me.”  You should see my hair today!  And I have to do something about it before I take my daughter to T-ball practice or risk arrest for vagrancy.)   I don’t know.

Meanwhile, I’m preparing a delicious an healthy meal of frozen pizza ($3.99 a piece for DiGiorno) before we rush off to T-ball practice.  Then I will return with less than an hour until I start working again until midnight.  THEN, and only then, will I have time to write.

Yeah, I sound like a whiner.  But, hey, at least I blogged!  Two days in a row!  That’s got to be good for a sticker.  Or something.

6 thoughts on “In which I complain a lot

  1. I showed up at Ballet today in jogging pants and a t-shirt. My husband later informed me that it was too casual. I kindly informed him that I had the decency to change out of the dirty shirt that was two sizes too big for me. I think the end of the school year brings extra stress to every family. All I know is that we are on the downhill and gosh darn it. I can’t wait until I can hit the snooze button and fuss at whoever set the alarm.


  2. Just wait ’til the grandkids come, especially if you agree to do daycare for them! I must be out of my mind but, honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  3. What happened to the days are long, the years are short? 🙂
    You’ll make it.

    I’m very stressed by the end of this school year, the end of life in elementary, too.
    In 14 months, we’ll have a teenager.


  4. I’m all out of gold star stickers, but here’s a shiny green one!
    I only have one kid (who’s at home with me 24/7) and I’m burned out enough as it is, I have no idea how you’re doing it! My hat’s off, lady! 🙂 (and I can’t wait to read your book, but no pressure or anything)


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