And now I’m home again

Leaving home is a flurry of packing, organization and rushing around.  Returning is an implosion involving laundry, utter fatigue and disorientation.  I left California and my independent, separate self and became Mom, the do-er of laundry and provider of food and referee of fights.  My husband claimed the children were on perfect behavior while I was gone but today they have all nitpicked and annoyed one another and me.

It doesn’t help that I started back to work and put in a full eight hours today.

My experience at the conference was beyond my expectations.  First of all, I hung out with the cool kids, Annie, Sarah, Andy, Brad, and some others who don’t have blogs.  I rubbed elbows with novelists and editors and agents.  And I walked among the Redwoods and laughed until my face hurt. (You can find photos on my Facebook account–just look up my name and request to be a Friend if you aren’t already.)

I took a class and found out that I am not ready for an agent (my novel is unfinished); despite that, one of the reviewers of my first twenty pages insisted that I speak with an agent (“I love your writing,” she said) and that is how I ended up agreeing to finish the novel in six months so I can send it to her.  More immediately, she wants the first three chapters and a synopsis as soon as possible.

I find all that super weird and unexpected.  Is there a more emphatic way to express that?  Because it is SUPER WEIRD and UNEXPECTED.

I am not being falsely modest when I say that I sent in the first twenty pages because I needed to know if I was delusional.  I half-hoped someone objective would tell me to stop writing fiction and to learn to weave baskets instead.  That was not what I was told.

Instead, I have to write 70,000 words by Thanksgiving.  Or sooner.

I am going to do that while working forty hours a week and trying to keep my kids clothed, fed and free of rickets and scurvy.

I guess I’m up for the challenge.

Send cookies.

And a maid.

16 thoughts on “And now I’m home again

  1. Yikes. That’s a whole lot of words. Question: do they have to be related to one another? Anyway… May God guide your hand and let the words flow.


  2. apparently you are more ready for an agent than you know . . . having people want you to hurry up and finish counts almost as much as being done. (that’s in the next edition.) don’t forget I’d love to see it too at some point–and that I asked before I read this post, just because I find you intriguing. : )


  3. I am so excited for you. (Virtual hugs, jumping up and down, and screaming like 14 year-old girls) The excitement and terror of being told to follow your dreams is an amazing feeling. Breathe, stay out of your head, and just focus on the tasks at hand. You so rock!


  4. Amazing news about the book! I need to read back and catch up on this blog to find out more about this conference! I don’t have cookies and now I don’t have a maid either–boo hoo. But, I will send you a high five for being so awesome!


  5. Melodee,
    That is wonderful news! If you book is anything like this blog, it will be a sure-fire winner. Congratulations (and good luck)!


  6. That is so incredibly awesome! If I lived closer, I’d come be your maid. 🙂 I’ve put this site in my favorites so I check in here instead of Diet Naked. Hugs to you. Can’t wait to read your novel. When you do a book tour, make sure to come to Colorado Springs. Will be praying for you as you juggle the many tasks you have in your crazy life. 🙂


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