Dear Post-it notes

I spent several minutes today looking for a small brightly colored pad of Post-it notes on my desk.  I searched under and around my laptop computer, finally decided that those kids stole my Post-it notes.  They steal from me all the time.  That is why I can never find a roll of tape (duct or Scotch), or scissors or garden tools.  My dust-pan is always missing and I have no idea where the milk goes.

And then, just now, I glanced up from my computer where I finished my recent shift and the Post-it notes are in plain sight, sitting on top of the AT&T bill which is visible so I will remember to call and ask why I am being charged per text message instead of the other rate like my husband has.

Post-it notes!  Where were you hiding?  Were you being held hostage?  Did I pay a ransom and not know it?

Nevermind.  I’m just glad you’re back.  I needed you.

7 thoughts on “Dear Post-it notes

  1. In my never-ending endeavor to de-clutter my house, I have recently found post-it note pads in just about every color, size, and shape ever made!

    So, why is it that when I need one – just one! – to mark my page, I can’t find a single note, let alone a pad of them. Do they take a hike; feel a need for self-preservation, or what? I give up!


  2. I cannot even count the number of times that I have (1) lost something (2) searched FRANTICALLY for it and then (3) found it sitting in plain sight. In s a place that I KNOW I had searched during the frantic part of our program.


  3. I love this post – happens all the time around here. I’ve decided it’s all about the point of view. If I leave the room and come back again later, suddenly I can see the missing item.

    The ransom part made me laugh. 🙂


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