Mt. Hermon Writers Conference

Two years ago, at the prompting of Barbara Curtis, I attended Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference, which takes place every Palm Sunday weekend near San Jose, California.  I loved the experience so much that I went back the next year and will go back again in less than three weeks.  (Imagine:  Four days full of workshops and classes, excellent conversations, great friends–I met both Sarah Markley and Annie Downs last year, and Linda Vujov the year before–not to mention tasty food and the most gorgeous setting–majestic Redwoods and flowerbeds full of spring flowers in bloom.)  Oh, and you meet agents, editors and fellow writers face-to-face.  Very cool, indeed.

So, if you are a writer or wanna-be-writer, you should go, too.  And this year, if you sign up now, you will get $200 off the fee.  (I also get $200 off the fee for referring you, so if you do go, be sure to write down my name and let me know!)

Here’s a link with all the information you need.  (Hey, you never know.  It’s worth a mention!)

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